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    At first glance, you may think video branding on YouTube is only a gimmick. However, it’s more than that. YouTube is currently the third-largest platform that marketers are currently investing in, and more than 62 percent of companies are planning to increase their ad spending in the next year. So it’s to pay attention to this amazing platform. Over 30 million people flock to YouTube every day to watch videos. Users have become highly addicted to the platform because it allows them to watch videos for free. Small, medium and large businesses are all taking advantage of this cheap but massive alternative to traditional advertising. YouTube ads are a powerful, low risk and cost-effective marketing channel. YouTube audio ads are basically ads on the platform that includes audio dialogue. Audio-visual advertising has long been proven effective for brand recall in the marketing industry. If you’re looking to create from scratch, remember that content is the atomic particle of all digital marketing. So you want to take the dive, make sure you do it right! You don’t want your audio ad to sound choppy or amateurish. Audio plays as big as the role of having a solid script. We know a YouTube audio ad is highly effective because several studies have proven audible information to provide better memory retention and brand recall. The audio component is thus as important as the visual aspect of a YouTube ad. Unless you are confident in crafting a compelling script and executing a crystal clear voice over, dubbed, or newly scripted YouTube audio ad, you might want to consider outsourcing. Wondering how to start trending on YouTube today with amazing audiovisual content? Submit a project with Bunny Studio and we’ll help you create the YouTube audio ad of your dreams! We'll make sure you get the results you want in record time, or you'll get your money back.