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    Audio ads or audio advertising allows for a brand to deliver a message to a targeted audience of listeners of a specific platform. Such ads are leveraged in music streaming platforms, podcasts, radio, etc. And if you're starting to sketch an audio ad campaign, commercial jingles are a great way to go. Commercial jingles are advertisements set in a song. They can be aired as a visual or audio commercial. Channels they can be distributed through include television, pre-movie ads, radio, and digital music streaming services. Since the song in itself can be informative enough without the aid of a visual, they make perfect audio ads for any kind of business. Jingles are effective marketing tools that promote effective brand recall. And since global conglomerates have used them through the decades, following in their footsteps of success can prove a viable and successful brand strategy. Jingles inspire the fondness and wistful affection of an unreachable past. And, studies have shown that commercials evoking emotions do twice as well as those without. Such ads, therefore, cut through the noise by building an emotional bond between consumers and your brand. When consumers feel more, they are more open to your brand message and might be more likely to take some action. There are many reasons why you’d want to produce your commercial jingle. There are also many people —true professionals— that can help you build it. You can find a lot of them at Bunny Studio. With fast turnaround times, unlimited revisions, and a 100% money-back guarantee, Bunny Studio offers you the most complete commercial jingle production services that you could ever wish for. Are you ready to start your journey with Bunny Studio? Just submit your project’s form in just a few clicks and our team will find the best professional to produce your commercial jingle.