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    The most basic description of an audio mixer is it routes various signals into a common output for amplification or recording through the help of a sound reinforcement system. An audio mixer combines audio signals and processes them before rerouting them where they must go. These signals include the sounds captured by an electric instrument or a microphone. Tons of audio mixer types offer different mixing capabilities. This device can range from a large-format giant mixer usually found in professional studios to tabletop audio mixers used by amateurs and newbies in the industry. The varieties of this device cater to live sound, film and television audio, music production, streaming, and voice-over outputs. One integral part of making these types of content amazing is done using an audio mixer. An audio mixer is a very powerful tool that will allow you to record and mix whatever audio you want for your media. But since it can be very expensive and impractical to get one yourself, you need to hire a professional to be in charge of this aspect of your work. Being in charge of the audio mixer is an extremely hard task, and this is why it is best to have specialists do it. Looking for the perfect audio mixer for streaming expert for your project can be very demanding, but Bunny Studio has made it easier than ever! Bunny Studio has the world’s top 4% freelance audio experts —including audio mixer for streaming experts— available for hire. But you don’t have to browse through hundreds of profiles and portfolios to find the one that is right for your particular audio mixer for streaming needs. Bunny Studio does that for you, and where there is a match, the magic begins. Submit your project’s form and watch your match deliver seamless audio for your podcast.