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    Sound has tremendous power when used in the storytelling process: it aids in invoking emotion to the audience, reflecting the mood of the presentation while underscoring the actions in dance and plays. Hence, sound helps transport the listener into a vortex of the performance, making it an unforgettable experience. In most cases, sound design involves manipulating previously recorded or composed audio, such as sound and music effects. Other times, it comprises the composition of audio to create a desired mood or effect. A sound designer’s work begins by studying the script and then gathering as much intel as possible about any sound. Then they can go from working with a professional composer to make original music, to making adjustments such as choosing and editing the sound effects, even remixing the music, or creating new compositions. Another big part of post-production is audio mastering. The technical process of fine-tuning and equalizing a record to make it ready for streaming, broadcast, and mass production. The process involves adjusting the peak and average volume of a track by compressing and equalizing it to match the standards. Sound design stereo isn’t a process you want to DIY. It is a technical process that needs a lot of fine-tuning to make it right. So, it is advisable to outsource your project to a competent audio expert for your project. Luckily for you, Bunny Studio allows you to match with top-rated sound designers. Submit your project form, and we'll find the ideal freelancer to take care of your particular sound design stereo needs. Bunny Studio is a leading creative services agency that works with the best sound designers -including sound design stereo specialists- in the world. We hire our professionals based on their experience and skills, which they have to prove on strict speed tests and skills tests that must meet our quality standards. Are you ready to get your ideal sound design stereo?