Meet Angela!

  • Current position: Head of Quality and Pro Management
  • Currently hanging out in: Colombia
  • Passions, loves & hobbies: social injustice, feminism, body positivity, discrimination, mental health, voice overs and anime
  • Thankful for: being present and presence, always growing, and therapy
  • Amazing traits that stick out: passionate, activist, energetic, forward, strong, giving, what you see is what you get

Some amazing things about Angela are:

She reset and rebuilt her foundations after trauma. 

Angela has experienced many, many things. Within a 3 month period, she left an important yet tumultuous relationship, and someone very dear to her because of suicide. This upheaval caused her to realize a few things: she felt heartbroken, more dependent than she thought she was and wasn’t building strong connections with others because she had been neglecting her main relationship – the one with herself. Every aspect of herself was under question. Who she was, who she wasn’t, and what she wanted for her life all came under scrutiny and questioning from someone she hadn’t been previously connected to: the woman in the mirror. And through it all, she didn’t fold. She kept on working and making life work around her, while concurrently shedding layers and discovering who she was and wanted to be. Her foundation was torn down to build the strong, solid one she has today. Sometimes things need to break apart to come back together stronger, studier, and more beautiful than before. 

Faces herself and problems head on.

In the past few years, she’s been able to spend a lot of time and energy into realizing and organizing who she is as a person. Every year, she takes time to reflect who she is, how she started the year, and how she ended it. She reviews all that she’s accomplished, professionally and personally, very specifically and in general. She’s overcome a lot of hardships, and takes pride in the work she puts into herself. It’s difficult to work, with no clear destination sometimes, and that doesn’t make it any less important. Because she’s neglected herself in the past, she knows how important it is to take care of herself in every way. Being able to face yourself is one of the hardest things anyone can do. When you face things in life that you have to work on, you take the time to keep growing and understanding yourself, you’re doing an amazing job. Self growth is a delicate balance of looking into the future and being in the present, while doing the best with what you have, one day at a time. 

Became an advocate for mental health after overcoming deep loss, grief, and tragedy.

A few years back, something very unexpected and tragic happened…her mom committed suicide. This turned Angela’s world upside down and challenged every single aspect of her life – physical, mental, professional, relationships with others, and her own decision making. The deepest part of her heart was laid out on the table. Grief, anger, contemplation, loss, and eventually a strong awareness of a key to many things came forward: mental health. Mental health hides behind many things: job, kids, future, past, food, social media. In the background of it all is our mental health. We don’t necessarily think about it. Sometimes we just live our lives and push through. Just because it may look like we’re doing everything society tells us is right and the way to be happy doesn’t mean that we are happy, or that happiness comes in a certain way at a certain time i.e. 2 kids, white picket fence, good job, etc. It doesn’t. And that’s ok. Angela realized how important mental health is to a healthy life, and became an advocate for it. She recognized the need to process the many emotions and experiences we all go through and knows that even though it can be a harrowing journey, there is always light at the end of the tunnel. Take care of yourself; you are the only one like you and you can never be replaced. 

Golden Nugget: You cannot ignore the role you have in society, and the only way to make society better is to work on yourself.