Meet Clara!

  • Current position: Key Account Manager
  • Currently hanging out in: Argentina
  • Passions, loves & hobbies: literature, learning, to make a big impact on this world
  • Thankful for: her own space to be and express herself freely
  • Amazing traits that stick out: fast learner, adaptable, supportive, people oriented

Some amazing things about Clara are:

Started at a company knowing nothing, ended up helping stepping up and supporting the team around her.

When she got hired at her previous job, she had no idea what she was doing – not what the platform was about, nothing. So she dove in. Learned everything she could as fast as she could, while also implementing what she was taking in at the same time. Even with all of that, she rose up and became a staple for her team. Someone that they could turn to for help figuring out work related problems, and life advice. And even though she was new herself, when another newbie came on board, she could and did, help them by teaching what she knew, and helping them adjust. Even when things are challenging for her, Clara can always find a way to be there for others.

Fulfilled her lifelong dream of being in academia, and then decided to move forward, and dream a new dream. 

 Clara’s studied literature her whole life. From a young age, she’s envisioned herself in academia. She ardently pursued it in every way; getting a 9.50 average in school in Argentina, her college degree focused solely on the subject and finally did end up living the entire academic experience. She traveled to talk on the subject of her devotion and got to see up close what living her dream looked like, felt like. She did it. And one day, she got to talking to a fellow devotee of her beloved subject. And during this chat, she began to realize that this world she saw herself in, wasn’t exactly what she was looking to do with the rest of her life. She wanted to make a big impact, truly change the world for the better on a much grander scale. And for that, it dawned on her that she had to change her trajectory, and dream a new dream. So, she did. How often do you meet someone that has had a dream all of their life, devoted themselves to it in every way, and then not only achieved that dream but moved past it to create a new life? Not many, right? How amazing is this!

Golden Nugget: There is no substitute for knowing your self worth.