Meet David!

  • Current position: Data Scientist
  • Currently hanging out in: Colombia
  • Passions, loves & hobbies: exploring humanity and all of its intricacies, biology in all its forms, travel.
  • Thankful for: every experience that has led them to be the beautiful person that they are.
  • Amazing traits that stick out: quirkiness, grounded & powerful sense of self, fabulous sense of humor, independent.

Some amazing things about David are:

Academic BEAST MODE.

Where to start? Let’s just lay it all out: Was interested in biology and computer science and was told by a family member that was going to help pay for college that it was med school or nothing. Was steadfast in what they wanted, and ended up with a full scholarship, graduating with a double degree in biology and microbiology. Got to travel to present their work internationally, and after all of that, realized that though they loved the subject matter and being a scientist, they didn’t care for the confines of academic culture. Left that more rigid world, forged their own path, and ended up being on the amazing team of Bunny Studio, who’s all the better for it. Who says you can’t accomplish your dreams and then move on to even better ones?! 

Publishes full on academic papers during their free time.

 In fact, they’ve researched and published 3 academic papers in the last year – in international journals. This is them putting their Master’s degree and passion to work. There’s a myth in the scientific world that once you go out of academia you can’t do anything in the science field. Myths are meant to be challenged. Let’s use the scientific method, shall we? I think… this myth is disproven. 

Want to read those articles?:

Who can say they fully explore themselves in all the ways you possibly can, truly knowing who you are, and also knowing that you can choose, and change whenever you like?? David, that’s who.

 They traveled to multiple countries, met numerous wonderful people who showed them that you can be freer in your expression that previously shown, that there are many, many ways to live upon this earth as a human. From these multiple encounters, they gained a sense of the openness that can come when your gender isn’t defined by the restrictions we may think it is and decided for themselves what they wanted to beWhat power lies in that! The expansiveness to explore, to play with ideas, let go of restrictions, and mold the stuff that we think we’re made of into the form of our choosing. It takes courage to open your mind and to fully be yourself. David is in no shortage of it.


Golden Nugget: You, who you think you are, and who you want to be, are all up for exploration and all up to you. Isn’t life a beautiful journey!?