Meet Donia!

  • Current position: Customer Experience Associate
  • Currently hanging out in: Egypt
  • Passions, loves & hobbies: empowering and supporting women, singing and making music, making the world a better place to be
  • Thankful for: the opportunities to make change through music and positive change
  • Amazing traits that stick out: no matter what happens she always comes out stronger, bright, quick mind, resilient, powerhouse

Some amazing things about Donia are:

Went from being bullied and not quite fitting in 2 different countries, to accepting herself and standing in her power. 

As a kid, Donia was so different from the other kids around her. She was Egyptian, born and raised in Kuwait, and loved different hairstyles, trying new things, and breaking rules that didn’t make sense to her. She was bullied in various ways, from people physically messing with her things, to verbally and emotionally harassing her, as they tried to ruin her life. Even as she was going through all of that, she still had confidence in herself. From there, she moved to Egypt, and when she got there, she didn’t fit in either, even though she was Egyptian. Similar things followed suit, and none of that stopped her. With time, she became aware that all of these experiences have given her something not everyone has: the ability to understand and empathize with many people from all walks of life. A beautiful gift from rocky beginnings that she shares with everyone around her, always looking to make the world a better place.

Was chosen to be the marketing agent for the United Nations International Youth Day.

Donia was in a group called ICOC (??) and the United Nations reached out and said that they needed 10 people to lead International Youth Day. She applied, killed the interview, got accepted, and became the Marketing Agent for this event! She and her team stayed worked side by side with managers at the United Nations, and they stayed in a place where poorer citizens stayed, giving them the experience of getting to know people in different classes in Egypt than they may have been used to. From this unique opportunity, she learned so much, so deeply and she truly feels that we’re all the same regardless of how much we make a day, a month, in a year, no matter what family is like or what our background is. At the end of the day, we are all the same. 

Founded an entity last year called Terina that helps unemployed women connect to opportunities. 

This year it grew bigger and now they work with any woman who is an entrepreneur and needs a push with their business. She and her team created a website that’s a commerce store, selling international and local brands. Everyone on the staff Is volunteering at the moment; there are multiple roles filled with amazing team members and they all work together to help bring women closer to the goal of financial freedom and personal power. When women succeed and flourish, everything they touch also does the same. Together, we make up the change that transforms the world, one person at a time

Golden Nugget: You may only be one person, but that doesn’t mean you can’t change the world.