The challenges

Purposefully passionate video content

The American College of Healthcare Sciences (ACHS) has championed distance learning since 1978. While only 10% of 3,000 US colleges planned to offer online educational courses in 2020, the foresighted ACHS has been accrediting students with fully online courses since 1998. The college’s mission to provide leadership in holistic health education is rooted in its commitment to nurturing passionate and professional individuals in the field of health and wellness. However, the healthcare industry is often fraught with complex knowledge. Presenting this elaborate information with clarity and simplicity while nurturing a sentiment of keen learning has, therefore, always been a challenge for ACHS.

When the pandemic disrupted the plan for an in-person graduation event, the college sought an efficient way to produce a commemorative yearbook video. The ultimate goal was to cultivate a real-world community that bonds the staff, faculty, students, and graduates. Developing such a video required a producer with a specific skill set; one with an inspired vision to evoke a strong sense of belonging.

Videos that convey a difference

ACHS has honed instructional design today through decades of experience in fostering competence, professionalism, and cooperation in remote healthcare education. However, since the pandemic, more educational institutions have adopted a similar distance-learning structure. Because remote education is novel in many situations, many educators fall short and grapple with the drastic change in teaching medium. Statistics reveal that US students who rate their learning experience as “very dissatisfied” have increased from 3% to 13% when courses shift online.

Due to this negative perception of distance learning, it is imperative that ACHS differentiates itself as an accredited, reputable, and trustworthy institution. The college needed to create a high-quality video befitting its global community while highlighting the institution’s knowledge in real-world applicability in the integrative health field.

“Often, it is a challenge for us to find people who understand our passion for the industry. Even more so, ones who can express that passion in a powerful and motivational way. On top of that, we had an insanely tight deadline and a restrained budget for this particular video project. We constantly had to balance those limitations with what we wanted to achieve,”

said Kate Harmon, ACHS’s Vice President of Institutional Strategy & Global Impact.

Affordability with reputable speed and quality

As a world-recognized college, ACHS’s goal is to empower all individuals to find pathways in health and wellness regardless of their financial ability. The college offers a wide spectrum of free learning resources to anyone on top of its degrees and programs. However, in order to render accessibility to more students, budget was a restriction that constantly shackled ACHS. In addition to meeting a tight deadline, ACHS needed an affordable and high-quality video production service that could convey a powerful message that brings together its graduates and stakeholders.

The Bunny Studio solution

“Bunny Studio went above and beyond to deliver a video that exceeded our expectations! Despite the insanely short deadline, the powerful video helped us make an emotional connection with our staff, faculty, students, and graduates. The easy process and quality assurance policy gave us the utmost confidence that we’ve made the right investment.

The professionalism and quality of work by them converted even the toughest of critics in our office to Bunny Studio lovers!” Kate Harmon commented.

Video creative specialist as a lifestyle choice

In January 2020, Bunny Studio conducted research to investigate the work-life balance between freelancing and traditional employment. Statistics from the survey concluded that 84% of its talents showed greater satisfaction while 63% earned at least the same income as a regular 9-to-5 job. The creative platform works with freelancers globally; All who are passionate about delivering specialized work with their respective skills set.

Because of job satisfaction and fulfillment, Bunny Studio freelancer pros possess the commitment and go-getter motivation to deliver projects of top-notch quality. This grounded determination coupled with constructive feedback rendered by the quality control team and ACHS enabled Bunny Studio Video to successfully deliver an impactful and emotive video.


Freelancers with specialized niches

Since its inception, Bunny Studio has collated an extensive database of more than 13,000 talents worldwide that can deliver in more than 50 languages. Equally important, a diverse pool of industry-leading professionals constitutes this global catalog. Every freelancer is tagged by his or her combination of professional skills. Thereupon, the platform’s AI algorithm can befittingly match a client’s needs to a freelancer with specific expertise.

Because of this, Bunny Studio possesses unbound capabilities to undertake projects from niche industries such as holistic healthcare. This is pivotal to how the platform’s video production team could deliver such a potent and compelling video to ACHS’s cause.

Quality-assured video to uphold ACHS standards

Bunny Studio upholds its money-back guarantee with streamlined quality control and pre-vetting process. To illustrate, when ACHS submitted the project to the platform, a video production team together with a 24/7 support team worked tirelessly to develop the tailored video. This work is checked by a designated quality assurance team encompassed by veteran sound engineers and producers. Overall, only 2 fine-tuning revisions were requested by ACHS.

The affordable video outcome ultimately comes with full ownership rights to the content. ACHS has since proudly shared this video with 291 registered graduates and their families through emails, online classrooms, social media, and a live network of 185 viewers. Additionally, it was also posted on the institute’s Vimeo account and embedded in the college’s Commencement Program.


Exceedingly fast turnaround time

The average time to produce a 2-minute video in the professional production industry lies between an average of 4 to 8 weeks. Because Bunny Studio is a global company with professionals at different time zones, the platform was able to work round the clock to deliver record-breaking video production times. Bunny Studio handed over a completed quality-checked, professional-grade video to ACHS within 76 hours and 23 minutes. This turnaround time is 88.5% faster than the industry average.

Future capabilities

ACHS plans to continue using Bunny Studio to produce content for its classes, marketing endeavors, webinars, continuing educational courses, student orientation, and more. Today, Bunny Studio is continuing its expansion of creative services. The US college looks forward to discovering the platform’s full suite of services to scale up its content. The experience has been a positive solution that can help ACHS grow while reducing its in-house bandwidth limitations.