Training courses with a human touch

We provided Alaska Safety Alliance (ASA) with localized voice overs for their training materials. 

The challenges

Making programs comprehensible & professional

With digital evolution ramping up over recent decades, statistics reveal that over 400 Fortune 500 companies regularly employ e-learning formats for employee training. As an industry-driven organization, Alaska Safety Alliance (ASA) uses computer-based training to ensure that the oil and gas, construction, mining, and maritime workforce is equipped to work safely in Alaska’s unique environment; one where natural elements can be perilous. The non-profit organization achieves this through standardized high-quality training across the board.

Given that Alaska is a massive state with a transient workforce, ASA serves a wide client base diverse in demographics and geographic locations. Therefore, the training content must not only be professional but also portable and tailored to specialized workforce needs. Ultimately, the council sought an audio production solution aligned with its goal of making training material comprehensive, engaging, and easy to understand.


Attaining voice overs with accurate pronunciations

Alaska consists of many native locations and terminologies that are challenging to pronounce, especially for those unfamiliar with the region. Such include Kuparuk, Badami, Prudhoe, Tyonek, Beaufort, and Oooguruk. Since training modules often contain hard-to-articulate words like these, ASA often receives mispronounced audio deliverables when outsourcing their content to audio producers. Since communicating the pronunciation instructions from the start had already been tricky, correcting these mistakes soon became a tedious process. Not only did it add to ASA’s workload; it also delayed the overall production time of course content, making the solution of outsourcing counterintuitive.

Collaborating with different time zones

Serving as a conduit of industry collaboration and workforce development, the end goal of ASA was to develop a trained and skilled local workforce. To achieve this with its small operational team and limited resources, ASA found itself working with an array of different content producers, often in varying locations and time zones. Consequently, scheduling deadlines and collaborating synchronously posed a challenge that delayed the completion of training content.

“As a small team serving many clients and industries, we don’t have a professional voice actor on staff and don’t have access to production-quality audio equipment. If we attempted to do our own audio in-house, it’s fair to wager we’d be spending 10 hours of staff time per one hour of final audio, and the quality wouldn’t be close to what we receive from Bunny Studio,” commented KJ Crawford, Programs Director at ASA.

The Bunny Studio solution

“Alaska Safety Alliance needed professional quality audio work delivered with consistency and speed. Bunny hit the mark! And, it continues to do so with every project we’ve submitted. We’re glad for the reliable solution as it frees up our bandwidth. We can now continue moving projects forward while Bunny Studio produces the audio offsite.

With Bunny Studio voice overs, we’ve achieved over 5,280 individual module completions in 2021. The feedback we’ve gotten from stakeholders is that our courses are very professional and successfully meet the needs of the industry,” said KJ Crawford.

Industry-specific voice over professionals

When ASA ventured its course materials with Bunny Studio, it found a Bunny pro with a background in health and safety training. This reduced the need for ASA to communicate the pronunciation for specific Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) terminologies – an obstacle prevalent in its niche industry. The correct narration played over the training content helped emphasize key points of the curriculum, making it more retentive.

As a leader in the global content creation industry, Bunny Studio has amassed one of the world’s largest databases of professionals. The platform collaborates with over 13,000 pre-vetted creative specialists; They offer services in more than 100 languages and accents. With over 5,000 active voice artists and a pool of experienced audio post-producers, Bunny Studio has immense capabilities to record, edit, and produce high-quality content. Consequently, such capability enabled ASA to outsource its voice narration with minimal need for intervention.

ASA case study

Hassle-free project submission in minutes

Bunny Studio has an in-house user experience (UX) team that constantly seeks innovative ways to optimize the platform’s workflow. The platform aims to simplify the process of attaining creatives for clients. All while ensuring deadlines are met by Bunny pros. At present, most clients are able to submit projects for content creation within 2 minutes.

In ASA’s case, Bunny Studio’s intuitive platform enabled it to effortlessly create new projects in a few clicks. The platform also allows ASA to upload detailed audio instructions so that Bunny pros can correctly pronounce specific words from the start. Additionally, Bunny Studio’s responsive 24/7 support rendered by a global team also removed the obstacle of time zone difference for ASA. All these factors ultimately reduced ASA’s course production time and the need for many revisions.

End-to-end voice over management for guaranteed success

Time and human resources are valuable to ASA’s lean team. As such, the organization sought a creative solution that can take care of its voice projects independently. Bunny Studio is the world’s only creative fulfillment platform that offers end-to-end project management. This means that Bunny Studio takes care of the entire project from creation to completion. This process includes a quality control check by a designated in-house team and unlimited revisions where required.

In the case of ASA’s voice projects, Bunny Studio has delivered 19 projects with a successful completion rate of 100%. Moreover, the platform also takes care of any need for revisions, ensuring that they were delivered swiftly and with precision. Out of all the revisions requested to fine-tune project deliverables, only 3.85% of them required additional cost. 61.5% of revisions were free of charge, as they were aligned with ASA’s initial instructions, and covered in the one-time price. The high-quality deliverables and minimal required intervention by ASA made Bunny Studio an easy solution.

Affordable and quick voice solution

Some ASA courses consist of combined modules. These were courses that added up to a total of four to six hours. ASA estimates 10 hours of staffing resource per hour of final audio if they were to produce the course audio in-house. Above all, the lack of costly equipment and inadequate audio production expertise results in making in-house production a challenging endeavor.

With Bunny Studio, ASA was able to receive ready-to-incorporate audio tracks at an average delivery time of 10.8 hours per project. To date, the platform has delivered 46,390 narration words that add up to nearly 5 hours of ready-to-use high-quality recording. Subsequently, these programs complemented ASA’s in-house produced course materials to achieve more than 5,280 individual module completions in 2021 alone.

Future capabilities

ASA plans to continue using Bunny Studio audio services for all its new computer-based training courses. It hopes that the platform can improve the process flow for revision requests. For instance, allowing clients to attach notes to individual recorded components rather than submitting a single repository. Meanwhile, the platform constantly seeks to improve the user experience for both clients and pros alike. Therefore, Bunny Studio sees this as valuable feedback for its next platform upgrade.