Awareness campaign on child safety

We supported Childhelp with their need of children’s voices for their materials to raise awareness on safety online. 

The challenges

Increasing reach with constrained budgets

Ask any non-profit organization what their challenge is in content production, and they will say it is funding. Despite this hurdle, Childhelp has served more than 11 million children since 1959. It is the longest-standing and largest non-profit organization in the United States dedicated to child abuse prevention, intervention, and treatment. The Childhelp Speak Up Be Safe program (CHSUBS) is a school-based child abuse education curriculum that currently serves about 140,000 students in 30 US states and 18 other nations. Although this is a massive reach, the program does not receive government funding and constantly struggles for resources.

“As costs rise, it has been a struggle to develop a curriculum without raising our own price. To keep our services accessible, we needed a high-quality and hassle-free solution that was within our financial means,” said Zuzana.


Audio Children Voice over Community service Education

Creating impactfully engaging content for children

The CHSUBS program aims to help children in grades PK–12. Childhelp offers a curriculum for each grade based on decades of classroom strategies, research, and efficacy evidence. This program teaches kids how to break the cycle of different types of abuse, including physical, emotional, sexual, neglect, bullying, and online dangers.

The gravity of these topics is apparent, but not always to children. Translating them into an engaging, understandable, and relatable format for children is one of the challenges that Zuzana, as Childhelp’s curriculum program manager, often faces.

“Educators are overwhelmed. As a result, Childhelp aims to make programs as engaging, effortless, and available for them as possible, all while maintaining the fidelity of the tested program,” Zuzana relates.

New content demands with evolving times

The pandemic school hiatus has increased the amount of screen time significantly for US kids. Statistics show that kids and teens now spend more than four hours a day on electronics. As a result, the FBI has alerted the public of increased scams, hackers, and online exploitation. Childhelp had received recurring requests from its audiences for resources that will help parents and caregivers educate kids about online safety. The goal was to increase awareness of online safety through an affordably made video series with an impactful message.

The Bunny Studio solution

“Childhelp needed to create a series of videos to raise awareness about online safety. Bunny Studio provided excellent quality voice overs without a need for revisions or do-overs. The support was excellent. The project manager walked me through the entire process. Plus, she offered us an affordable rate that kept us within our tight budget.”

– Zuzana, Curriculum Program Manager, Childhelp

A tailored and relatable voice over

With a database of over 5,000 voice actors who can deliver in over 100 languages and accents, Bunny Studio has the capabilities to deliver an infinite combination of voice attributes and creative possibilities. Zuzana had a cartoon video and script ready. All she needed was an engaging voice to bring her content to life. After browsing through voice samples on Bunny Studio, she found voice talents that met the age criteria she was looking for. The Bunny Studio voice actors immediately got to work on recording the scripts in a childlike voice packed with enthusiasm and curiosity.

A risk-free quality voice over investment

Bunny Studio pre-vets all its voice actors and quality-checks all its deliverables before handing them over to the client. Consequently, the platform can confidently uphold its money-back guarantee policy. This policy gives organizations like Childhelp peace of mind that every valuable dollar spent translates into effectively usable content. The Childhelp’s online safety video series was publicized through social media platforms and webinars. Furthermore, the videos have also been shared with Childhelp’s collaborators, partners, and program users to raise awareness about online safety.


Audio Children Voice over Community service Education

Fast, convenient, but uncompromised voice overs

Resources are precious to Childhelp, including that of human resources and time. As such, Zuzana relates that Bunny Studio’s easy-to-use platform and responsive customer service had been monumental factors in ensuring the successful production of the series. 3 of the 4 projects Zuzana submitted were delivered perfectly without any need for revision. The deliverables were also downloaded in segmented files, making Zuzana’s post-production of the video a breeze.

Future capabilities

Through structured curriculum content, Childhelp continues to educate children, caregivers, and educators to equip the community with the knowledge and skills to recognize, resist, interrupt and stop child abuse. Zuzana hopes to continue using Bunny Studio’s voice over services for content production if the budget allows. Bunny Studio works with many non-profit organizations. It constantly seeks improved ways to support Childhelp’s and many other organizations’ philanthropic efforts in their content production.