The challenges

Strategic voice overs for segmented demographics

In the past, marketers used video ads sporadically because they were time-consuming and costly to produce. That said, the revolution of technology and social media has drastically transformed this landscape. Today, 51% of marketers across different industries claim that video formats lead to ROI yields.

Lightswitch Video trailblazes many of these videos in all 50 states of the US. The production company works with publishers, agencies, media companies, and digital marketers to create relevant, fresh content. Hyper-targeting has become an essential strategy for many Lightswitch Video clients. The production company sought a voice over service to meet its ever-growing client base that can offer a multitude of vocal attributes, diversity, and accents.

Content demand with speed and volume

Businesses are turning to video production for more than just ads. The demand for explainer videos, presentation videos, and testimonial videos has also been on the rise. Lightswitch Video’s highly skilled and hands-on production teams are committed to meeting the video production needs in 200 different markets.

Although, this is not without challenges. Outsourcing voice overs to a self-serve platform seems like a quick solution, but many have a copious number of requirements. Add to that the complexity of client communication in selecting a voice artist, and the process becomes tediously time-consuming. Lightswitch Video needed a voice over service that could deliver multiple projects asynchronously, speedily, and with a streamlined process.

“Content rapidly becomes outdated in today’s social media-driven world. That is why our clients regularly request quality content with a quick turnaround time. We needed a straightforward and reliable voice over solution to tackle this ever-growing demand.” Says Lynette Schwanger, CEO and Founder of Lightswitch Video.


Lightswitch Video Production

Delivering affordable uncompromised quality

Lightswitch Video’s network of over 5,000 video professionals is purposefully dedicated to delivering high-quality content to every client. Although production speed is essential for meeting clients’ tight deadlines, Lightswitch Video established its industry position through virtue of its quality. HD quality video and audio are uncompromised prerequisites in all its deliverables.

As such, when it comes to seeking an outsourcing collaborator, Lightswitch Video needed a voice over service that matches both its high-quality standards and its budget. Affordable voice overs translated to sustainability and continued accessibility to video production for its clients.

“Our clients need to be viewed as the experts in their industry, and video is the most effective way to establish their brand. When it comes to voice overs, the foremost goal is for our clients to be happy with its quality and delivery,” said Lynette Schwanger, CEO and Founder of Lightswitch Video.

The Bunny Studio solution

“Other voice over platforms have more requirements and hoops to jump through. With Bunny Studio, we can typically get an affordable, high-quality recording in 24 hours or less. This is crucial for meeting our client’s demanding deadlines.

The platform also allows us to share multiple voice artist options with our clients easily, so they can handpick the perfect voice to represent their brand. Our clients are always pleasantly surprised at how quickly we can get quality voice overs recorded,” said Lynette Schwanger, CEO and Founder of Lightswitch Video.

A massive voice over database

When it comes to delivering voice overs with superb sound quality, Bunny Studio works with over 13,000 voice artists worldwide. The creative fulfillment platform also provides voice over services in 100 languages and with an infinite permutation of vocal attributes and accents. This extensive catalog is extended to Lightswitch Video’s clients. The range of voice overs empowers the production company with a sure-fire and reliable solution to tailor to the specific needs of its clients.

To date, Lightswitch has worked with Bunny Studio on 142 projects. These include 2 different languages and a spectrum of vocal delivery styles designed to appeal to specific target audiences.

An intuitive and user-friendly platform

Bunny Studio’s platform is the brainchild of product, engineering, and user experience teams. The platform enables Lightswitch Video to submit a new project request within a single page easily. This streamlined process is also supported by powerful filters that enable quick sample browsing and 24-hour human support. In addition, the user-friendly interface also allows Lightswitch Video to send white-labeled links to its white-labeled partners easily. This simplifies Lightswitch Video’s B2B communication and allows its clients to handpick the perfect voice for their project.

Money-back guarantee quality

Placing quality as a prerequisite, all Bunny Studio freelancers submit a mandatory audition before they are admitted onto the platform. Bunny Studio pre-vets the voice artist based on sound quality, balance, clarity, pacing, and many other factors. On top of that, the content fulfillment platform has a designated quality assurance team to review all voice over recordings before they are delivered to clients. These stringent quality standards enable Bunny Studio to extend a money-back guarantee policy to its clients, including Lightswitch Video.

To date, Bunny Studio has successfully fulfilled 90% of its projects with Lightswitch Video. The platform’s unlimited revision policy also renders flexibility to help Lightswitch guarantee a satisfying outcome for its clients.


Lightswitch Video Production

Affordable and uncompromised 24-hour turnover

85% of Bunny Studio’s deliverables are delivered within 12 hours. The easy-to-use self-serve platform is also backed by a responsive customer experience team that is available 24/7. The quick revisions and delivery are also affordable and start from USD 38. The inexpensive cost, predictable quality outcome, and fast delivery allow Lightswitch Video to deliver premium quality videos to its clients while making its service affordable and accessible.

Future capabilities

Lightswitch Video continues growing its clients’ portfolio. It intends to keep outsourcing with Bunny Studio Voice for all its voice over needs. As a global company that is rapidly expanding, Bunny Studio is constantly looking for ways to improve its user experience and services. Among other things, the creative platform is working on optimizing its sample search function to make it more user-friendly.  Bunny Studio also extends its voice over services through an integrated user-friendly API. This solution allows companies to scale their content needs based on their on-the-go demands without their clients having to leave their site.