The Challenges

Increased Demand for Voice Over with Different Attributes

Statistics reveal that 84% of video viewers are convinced to make a purchase. That said, Lot 7 Media is a video agency that produces more than just ads. The boutique production company develops a vast array of video content for commercial, non-profit, and association organizations. It undertakes video production projects that range from broadcast media to anthems.

The agency’s passionate mantra to “keep getting better” translates to a need for a pool of ever-expanding talents in order to exceed its client’s expectations. As a result, the option of working with only a handful of validated voice artists shackles Lot 7 Media’s capabilities to deliver a magnitude of projects.

Case study

Speed with Predictable Voice Over Outcomes

The video industry is booming, with 88% of marketers devoted to driving revenue through video campaigns. In the gladiatorial consumer realm, speed in content production is paramount. Since poor sound quality and failure to meet deadlines results in prolonged production periods, Lot 7 Media sought reliable voice over services. They needed a provider that is simple to access, risk-free, and quality-assured. Although the familiarity of working with previously hired freelancers was a worthy formula, the solution was not scalable. Nor was it a long-term antidote for an expanding portfolio.

“Our goal is always to wow our clients. We want to create pieces that they can’t wait to share and rewatch. However, fast turnaround times and the lack of accessible talent range were a challenge for us. We needed a straightforward voice over service that delivers consistently amazing outcomes so we can actualize our goal.” Jeff Trussell, Creative Director and Founder of Lot 7 Media commented.

A Price Within Production Budget

Lot 7 Media is built by a team of passionate specialists commitment to deliver memorable content that is enthusiastically shared through communities. Unfavorably though, voice artists’ experience and professionalism are often intuitively equated with a hefty cost. The dilemma of balancing voice over quality with the price is an inherent challenge many production companies face when outsourcing.

The Bunny Studio Solution

“At Lot 7 Media, we’re always striving to improve our work and speed up production time. Bunny Studio’s ardent voice overs have helped save rainforests, sell skyscrapers and strengthen voting rights through our videos!

The combination of a perfect voice over is tricky; it requires the right voice and read. Bunny Studio’s platform has an incredible array of voice talent in every demographic. Add to that a 24/7 responsive support team and a price that comfortably sits in the sweet spot of most of our projects, and we have a winner! Voice over outsourcing went from being a huge bane to a painless and convenient endeavor.” Said Jeff Trussell.

An Extensive Pool Of Voice Artists

Bunny Studio is a veteran in the voice over industry that works with pre-vetted professional voice artists globally. To date, it collates an immense pool of more than 5,000 active voice artists in more than 50 different languages. The voice artists are tagged on the creative platform to make searching for specific voice attributes, accents, age, gender, or narration style quick and effortless. As a result, this substantial voice over capability emboldens Lot 7 Media to take on more of its clients’ projects regardless of the industry, deadline, or purpose.

Consistently Excellent Voice Overs

Bunny Studio Voice has a specialized quality-control team that works round the clock to review every voice clip before it’s delivered to a client. Experienced voice artists and keen-eared sound engineers constitute this team. Each recording is checked thoroughly for delivery, sound quality, completeness, pronunciation, audio balance, and more. Deliverables that do not meet these standards or the client’s instructions are rejected and revised.

This streamlined quality assurance process enabled Bunny Studio to extend a money-back guarantee to Lot 7 Media. To date, Bunny Studio has delivered 8 voice over projects for Lot 7 Media with a 100% success rate.


Case study

Lightning Turnaround Times

Because Bunny Studio is a global platform, it has a responsive team that is available every hour of the day, no matter the time zone. Furthermore, its technology-driven platform’s capability can asynchronously deploy more than one project at a time.

Statistic reports reveal that 85% of Bunny Studio Voice’s projects are delivered to the client within a 12-hour time frame. On top of that, revisions within the client’s original requirements are covered in the platform’s affordable and transparent price. To date, Bunny Studio has delivered 75% of Lot 7 Media’s voice overs without a surplus of price. This flexibility and speed accelerate Lot 7 Media’s production time without compromising its video quality.

Future Capabilities

Lot 7 Media continues to change in the world with differential videos that inspire real emotions. The production company anticipates working with Bunny Studio on same-day directed sessions for voice over recording. It comments that it will continue to use Bunny Studio’s voice over services for years to come.