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The 22 episodes of the German magazine stayinart’s podcast were hosted and edited by Bunny Pros.

The challenges

A limited podcast production budget

The global pandemic wreaked a flurry of disruptions to all establishments, causing 43% of tight-knit community adults to feel socially isolated. Despite the cautious reopening of museums in Europe, 5 out of 10 museums reported a 25 to 75% visitor drop. Even the world’s top 100 art museums had seen a 77% drop in visitors.

Amid this hiatus of art as a lifestyle, the stayinart magazine wanted to keep the art realm accessible and thriving. The stayinart magazine has a readership of 10,000 print copies circulating in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. However, editors Magdalena Froner and Hugo Astner sought a novel way to bring art to their 1,600 subscribers through a lively podcast series. Rather than making the podcast a new source of income for stayinart, its goal was to reach listeners experientially. It hoped to engage its audience while expanding their knowledge in art. Because the stayinart podcast would be distributed to listeners at no cost, the magazine had to produce it within a relatively tight budget.


An audio magazine that evokes emotions

Because experience orientation is central to the staying magazine, its new podcast should encompass the same concept—the renowned publication needed to work with an experienced voice artist who could captivate and absorb their listeners.

The objective of the podcast is to combine the audience’s sense of sight with their sense of sound. To do this perfectly, the stayinart podcast needed a voice artist who can naturally convey this technical content. The talent should be well-versed in creating an emotionally rich experience for listeners. Although Magdalena and Hugo work with respective authors to define the podcast’s content, they needed a voice artist with well-timed pauses and professional articulation; one who could bring the magazine’s fluid experience to life.

Stayinart Case Study, Bunny Studio


Timely launch deadlines with premium podcast quality

The end goal was to make the podcast accessible for every print issue. Readers of the magazine can experience an alternative medium using a QR code that leads straight to the podcast. To put it another way, the magazine hoped to make the podcast a permanent feature to its printed product. To accomplish this, stayinart’s team worked the foresight of deadlines. This is because they needed to launch the audio episode on the same date as its physical magazine publication.

Magdalena and Hugo Astner recognized that the consistency in quality along with reliability were key factors that made outsourcing the magazine’s podcast sustainable. Conclusively, they needed a long-term podcast production service that could grow with the magazine as it expands its fan reach.


“The stayinart podcast aimed to help listeners acquire new knowledge on interdisciplinary art topics through a medium that transcends a visual experience. From the get-go, we wanted to make this audio feature accessible for every print issue. This means that we needed a long-term solution that can grow with us through the years, as we expand our fan base.

We were very much aware that the podcast production project required perseverance, consistent quality, and sustainability. That said, finding a partner with the same dedication and passion is usually easier said than done.” Editors Magdalena Froner and Hugo Astner commented.


The Bunny Studio solution

“We wanted stayinart fans to be so excited about this podcast they’d keep coming back for more! And we couldn’t have found a better partner to accomplish this with than Bunny Studio.

Our experience with the creative platform has been professional, quick, and personable. Plus, the price-performance ratio was fair. With project managers always available, we feel very well looked after. Audio corrections were always delivered swiftly and accurately. We love the tailored service, speed, responsivity, and flexibility that Bunny Studio provided,” said Magdalena and Hugo.


Bespoke podcast specialists in 50 languages

Since 2012, Bunny Studio has worked with passionate industry experts to help brands like stayinart craft their brand vision. Today, the platform is fuelled by a pre-vetted database of more than 13,000 professionals, including top-tier voice actors, scriptwriters, sound engineers, and podcast producers. This extensive talent pool consequently empowers Bunny Studio to render exclusively bespoke end-to-end creative solution that surpasses the capability of the typical marketplace outsourcing platform.

In the case of stayinart podcast, Magdalena and Hugo worked with magazine authors to create the script’s content internally. They then proceed to pick out a German-speaking voice artist who hosts in a relaxed and knowledgeable tone. After which, Bunny Studio recorded, mixed, edit, and delivered the final podcast along with embedded intro and outro audio. The platform has worked with stayinart magazine to produce 22 podcast episodes, including one with a hosted interview. The success of stayinart podcast pivoted on the broad scope of skills housed under Bunny Studio. This allowed them to create unique, immersive, and niche-topic podcast content for stayinart.


Affordable stayinart Podcast Production

As an already established magazine, stayinart sought to produce a podcast that would complement its primary product- the stayinart publication. The podcast was a value-add venture that it wanted to provide for its avid readers at no cost. This endeavor to broaden awareness in the field of art meant it had to work with a cost-effective production platform.

Neither a marketplace nor an agency, Bunny Studio provides crowdsourced services. Such enables the platform to render affordable post-production rates for as low as USD 20 per minute. This price is bolstered by a money-back guarantee, unlimited revisions, and a specialized quality assurance team. The platform was only briefed once on instructions and has been intuitively responsive in delivering revisions in time for each magazine issue. The stayinart podcast has received positive feedback from its listeners and has more than 3,600 listeners, including 566 SoundCloud followers since its launch. The series is also available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Castbox, and Deezer.

Stayinart Case Study, Bunny Studio

Predictable & reliable podcast outcomes

While affordability is a key factor in outsourcing its podcast, stayinart needed a solution that is reliable in meeting deadlines and consistent in the quality of post-production outcomes. Pre-vetting Bunny freelancers aside, Bunny Studio checks each episode for sound quality, balance, and delivery before. The platform boasts a turnover time of just 1 day for most post-production projects. Given that stayinart is backed by a team of critics and contributing authors, Bunny Studio became a risk-free solution for the magazine.


Future capabilities

With 2 successful series launches and 1 in the making, stayinart intends to continue producing podcasts with Bunny Studio. The magazine’s readership continues to grow despite the pandemic. These positive responses have spurred stayinart’s passion to make knowledge in the field of art accessible in cars, while jogging, or even while cooking a meal at home. Bunny Studio is currently expanding its creative services. The platform anticipates growing alongside stayinart as a long-term content production partner.