A facilitated workflow & sleek UI

Vyond integrated Bunny Studio’s voice over services into its UI to enable a convenient and streamlined video production process for its users.

The challenges

Need for professional-grade voice overs

The global demand for animated videos has recently skyrocketed and is predicted to see an exponential growth of 2 to 3% year on year through 2025. Amid global consumers’ increasing appetite for exciting and new visual experiences, Vyond was established. Its goal was to make video production accessible, cost-effective, and simple for everyone.

Thus far, Vyond has empowered over 2,000 organizations from diverse industries to create dynamic and powerful media. Since 2013, the platform enabled clients to upload voice overs as an engaging accompaniment to these animations. However, it soon became clear that the lack of professional-sounding voice recording impacted the overall quality of video outcomes. Achieving voice over with superior sound quality frequently was a hassle for most users who do not have a recording studio. To help clients make the most out of Vyond and provide an exceptional experience, the platform sought a reliable voice over solution; one that can augment production processes to provide a complete and vocalized video animation.

“At Vyond, our product is all about giving everyone the power of video communication. Our team strives to bring voiceover resources to the Vyond Maker Community, but we just couldn’t solve the problem of our customers who needed voice over for their videos. That’s where Bunny Studio came in. Partnering with them has helped all our users find the perfect voice talent for their projects,” said Kevin Doherty, Marketing Communications Manager at Vyond.


Teaching the importance of video vocalization

Since many of Vyond’s clients are new to video production, they frequently lacked the know-how on creating effectively communicative videos. To add to that many Vyond users did not know where or how to attain quality voice overs. The scarcity and questionable reliability of freelancer voice artists on the digital marketplace posed a great challenge for many.

Furthermore, renting recording equipment and hiring voice artists are costly endeavors. They also require technical knowledge in audio post-production. Vyond saw a need to equip its users with efficacious tips and knowledge on how they can create communicative videos with potent messages.


Directing users to the affiliate link

When Vyond first embarked on Bunny Studio’s affiliate program in 2013, the commission system seemed like a profitable method for the platform to earn passive revenue. However, the platform soon grappled with a sure-fire way to direct traffic to newly available voice over services. Vyond needed to create promotional content that can steer users to Bunny Studio’s affiliate link; all while streamlining the video production process without disruption to the user interface.

The Bunny Studio Solution

“By partnering with Bunny Studio as an affiliate, we’ve been able to bring valuable resources to our audiences while also generating passive revenue. We love how collaborative and flexible the whole affiliate program is. Their solution is really top-notch and we’re proud to associate ourselves with them,” comments Kevin Doherty, Marketing Communications Manager at Vyond.


Limitless voice over capacity to enhance videos

In 2019, research shows that 72% of consumers specifically engage with marketing communication that is tailored to their interests. 80% of shoppers choose brands that personalize the buying experience. In an increasingly competitive world, the importance of creating videos with curated voice overs qualities that resonate targeted demographic is key.

Bunny Studio is the world’s only end-to-end platform that provides voice over services with an average of 12-hours in turnover time. The global platform grants the Vyond Maker Community 24-hour access to over 5,000 voice artists in over 100 languages and accents. The added dimension of professional voice overs allows Vyond users to build personality-driven stories that engage audiences and deliver results. Since 2014, the affiliate partnership with Bunny Studio has seen over 820 new users requesting voice overs to complement Vynod’s videos.


A gainful & reliable alternative revenue

To streamline the video production process, Vyond product team included a “Find a Voice Talent” component within its UI audio options. Correspondingly, this convenient access allowed clients to directly order Bunny Studio’s voice overs when making a video on Vyond.

Over the years, the surge in requests for voice overs has yielded gainful passive revenue for Vyond. For every client that uses the affiliate link to complete a Bunny Studio project, the platform pays its affiliates 50% of the project cost; a commission scheme is that covers up to USD 100 per project. 

In addition to monetary rewards, the Bunny Studio’s reliable voice over solution expands Vyond’s capabilities to deliver a full set of video production services. Each project is covered by a money-back guarantee and unlimited revisions. To add to that, Bunny Studio also works with only the world’s top 5% of pre-vetted freelance professionals. The platform also stringently quality-checks every deliverable before delivering them to clients. The sturdy alliance has increased Vyond’s total traffic by 19.5% in 2021. Markedly, it also boosted Vyond’s number of affiliate referral clients by 84%. Henceforth making this a synergistic and mutually profitable partnership for both platforms.


Combined educational and co-marketing efforts

To overcome the lack of awareness of voice over services on the platform, Vyond collaborated with Bunny Studio in creating content that helps clients navigate the voice over industry. Formally known as Voice Bunny, Bunny Studio has successfully delivered over 2.4 million projects to date. A trailblazer in the global creative sector, the creative platform is at the forefront of marketing and e-learning trends.

Bunny Studio’s massive experience and knowledge in the voice industry is extended to Vyond through a series of collaborative resources. At the end of 2021, both platforms united their content efforts. The result helped educate Vyond users on how to create powerfully impactful videos accompanied by voice overs. Consequently, the overall enhancement of Vyond’s user experience also led to an increase in Bunny Studio’s new user sessions by 218%.


A dedicated affiliate growth coordinator

Bunny Studio assigned an affiliate growth coordinator for Vyond in 2021. The effort was to provide timely and responsive actions to Vyond at all times. The platform remains 100% transparent with all its affiliate partners and regularly provides valuable consumer statistics. This information benefits Vyond and allows them to better optimize video production processes in the future. Additionally, Bunny Studio also provides a co-marketing asset kit to Vyond. This helps Vyond and other affiliates communicate Bunny Studio’s brand to drive conversions with less time and effort. 

Future capabilities

Vyond plans to continue its fruitful partnership with Bunny Studio through the affiliate program. As a platform that places great value in building sustainable relationships, Bunny Studio is always seeking to improve. One of its pipeline enhancement plans is to revamp the affiliate dashboard in 2022 and to provide more precise tracking. Chiefly, this effort aims to equip Vyond with valuable metrics so they can understand the performance of their efforts.

Bunny Studio has more than 8 years of acumen in the creative industry and over 1,200 affiliates. The platform endeavors to empower its partners with more tools to increase their commission earnings.