How Eileen Jacobson Found A Boost For Her Career With Bunny Studio

Multitalented Eileen Jacobson is not just a culinary genius; she is also a creative wordsmith. But in pursuit of her writing career, she soon discovered that making it as a freelancer was more arduous than imagined. Here’s an account of how Bunny Studio accelerated Eileen’s writing career.


December 2017



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Writing as a Second Career

As an accomplished chef of 25 years, Eileen loves every minute she spends in the kitchen. The Colorado-based entrepreneur owns a couple of private businesses. But gratifying as her full-time ambitions might be, she recognized their demands would eventually supersede her gusto in the next few decades. So when the opportunity came for her to experiment with additional income streams, she set her sights on becoming a freelance writer.

“Running a kitchen is fantastic, but will I feel that way at 60? Writing for me is part of an early retirement plan. It’s an amazing hobby, and I have always written for enjoyment. “

Talent to Bucks in a Competitive Writer’s Ruck

Eileen started writing professionally before she joined Bunny Studio. Fueled by her love for language, she would take on projects whenever she had time outside of her primary responsibilities. She began inspired, driven and determined, but found the endeavor defeating, as obstacles soon outweighed the benefits.

As such, Eileen found herself spending more time job hunting instead of relishing her love for writing. While larger content platforms were more promising, the budding writer found it difficult to get noticed due to her lack of experience. She trudged through countless postings, some with measly pay, while others yielded no rewards.


“There were so many challenges. You can spend hours on a project and end up with nothing. I was limping along with content platforms that paid little and required writers to wade through hundreds of jobs looking for a good fit.”


Indignant and disheartened, Eileen voiced her angst to a fellow writer who told her that joining Bunny Studio would remedy most of what was tripping her up on her journey.

“I can’t say enough about Bunny Studio’s support staff. I like that the pay scale will increase as I have more time and can provide more.”

On Board the Bunny Studio Shuttle

Eager to shake the dust from her feet, Eileen applied and became a Pro. Bunny Studio was fortunate to have gained another prolific writer, and such was a match made in heaven! With tons going on in her slice of life, Eileen related that she could get overwhelmed sometimes. She appreciates the regular email check-ins from Bunny Studio, as these reminders motivated her to hone her time management skills.

Rather than job searching, the platform now pings her with projects aligned with her experience. Opportunities are offered fair and square with pay rates that are well above average. Seemingly, at last, freelance writing might become a viable second career for her.



The Bunny Studio Pro: Now & Beyond

Fast forward to today; it’s been more than three years since Eileen picked up freelance writing. Tapping into her other talents, she’s been a whiz on writing about food, restaurants, events, entertaining, weddings, and cocktails. The versatile writer has also written about dogs, traveling, mental health, and recently, the hot topic of working from home.


Although it’s now a second career for Eileen, the early-to-rise go-getter hopes to scoop more projects to become a full-fledged writer one day. For now, the freedom coupled with quality projects and the pay makes Bunny Studio a perfect solution for paving her way to her future goals.

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