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How it works

1. Submit a project

Tell us what you need to get done, and we'll take it from there. Send us audios, documents and references to make the project submission even faster.

2. Choose the right pro

You have two options: choose a pro from a carefully selected pool of talent or let our AI find the right one for you. Both will fit your deadline and project type.

3. Approve the work

You will be able to track the stage of your deliverables and ask for as many revisions as you'd like to make sure you get what you want.

4. Satisfaction guarantee

We will be available during the entire process to support you and your project. Only pay if you're 100% satisfied with the outcome.

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Frequently asked questions

Looking for high-quality design services that offer fast, reliable results with rates that actually make sense? Then we’re happy to say you’ve found the right place; our amazing team of top designers can tackle any project under the sun with eye-catching, spectacular final products that blow the competition out of the water. We have an incredible selection of talent ready to immediately start to work on any project, big and small. You just provide the idea and your guidelines for where you want the project to go and we’ll take it from there.

What’s design all about?

When it comes down to it, design is about the implementation of a process or activity, or a prototype that comes about as the result of that plan. Design is most seen as a process that begins with an idea and ends in action, be it graphic design, interior design, web design, video game design, prototype design, etc. The term that is most commonly associated with design is graphic design, or the process of visual communication through the use of illustration, typography, photography, and iconography. While the term gets sometimes unfairly lumped with mere aesthetics, it goes way beyond that; design encompasses careful and thought-out processes that go far beyond looking good. Clarity, simplicity and the end-user are things that never have to leave the mind of a capable designer.

When are designers needed?

There are many types of designers, and if you work with marketing, you'll probably need to retain the services of more than one type. Be it video, fashion, typography, 3D art, concept art, website design, UI and UX, there's an endless list of design activities that fit a multitude of projects. We've covered the whole gamut at Bunny Studio by creating an extensive team of tried-and-true professionals that is ready to tackle any possible project you can throw at them. Creating great content is just the first step; making it look, feel, and respond in a way that meets the demands of even the most stringent consumer is the knot that ties the whole thing together, and no one knows their way around design better than our crew. If you want fast, efficient, effective results, we'll be happy to provide them every single time.

How to hire a designer?

We’ve made the process really simple. You just head to our ‘design’ page and leave a message for our sales team with all of your applicable project details. The more you leave, the better, as that’ll help our team provide you with a fully customized quote that’ll include very friendly rates and a full project breakdown. What’s in store for you when you choose us? Just incredible turnaround times, a design team that can work on anything, unlimited revisions, excellent rates, full copyright ownership, and a 100% money-back guarantee. Remember: we offer large-scale solutions as well, so don’t be afraid to ask!

How much does it cost to hire a designer?

Just drop a line to our sales team and they'll get back to you with every possible detail in a flash. Don't be afraid to ask us to quote on projects of any size, big or small!

Design choices we can help you with

Our designers can collaborate with you in a variety of fields to create striking results:

  • Illustration: Illustration is one of the most common areas of interest. Our designers can produce beautiful, rich illustrations starting from just a simple idea. You provide the general guideline, we’ll make sure to create artwork that blows your mind.
  • Web design: Web design is another area we excel at. With a focus on usability, we make sure that everything is looking and feeling like a million bucks. We provide full support for UI and UX design so you just have to worry about sitting back and having a great website on your hands in record time.
  • Presentations: We can also design visually arresting presentations that’ll have your audience hanging on your every word and waiting to see where you take them next.
  • Banner design services: Banner design services are another staple of the Bunny Studio design family. If you need to create banners for your website, campaign banners, ads, or any other attention-grabbing piece of design, we’re here for you. Not only do our results speak for themselves, but we also offer excellent rates for banner services.

We have you all covered!

We are committed to our client’s satisfaction and that’s why we have the best approval rate in the industry. Below you will find what we are offering, go ahead and try it yourself!

Peace of mind

Submit your project and our all-star team will make it happen.

24 hours turnaround time

85% of our projects are delivered between 12 to 24 hours after being uploaded.

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Unlimited revisions

Get as many revisions as you need to accomplish your goal.


Approval rate

Our QA team assures that more than 99% of our projects are approved.

Full ownership of usage rights

You own all rights to the project and its assets.

Satisfaction guarantee

If you're not happy with the result, you get your money back.