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Frequently asked questions

Do you have an incredible video, movie, video game, or animation project that you feel is ready for a new market? Then allow us to provide an excellent dub that’ll stay true to the original while being well-acted, professional, and natural-sounding. At Bunny Studio, we have an incredible team of thousands of voice-over artists and dubbing experts who are ready to deliver a mind-blowing final product with turnaround times so quick they’ll make your head spin. If you’re looking for professional, fast dubs that’ll accurately replace your content’s voices, just give us a call and you’ll be experiencing 5-star results before you even know it.

What is dubbing?

Dubbing is a production technique whereas the original spoken content of an audiovisual feature is replaced for an audio track in the target language. While many people prefer subtitles because they offer a way to connect to the original language, dubbing actually creates more engagement and a more localized final product that feels closer to the culture that it’s targeted to. For example, many more Netflix viewers prefer to watch dubbed shows rather than subbed. In fact, it could be said that thanks to streaming services the interest in dubbing is only rising, in some cases over 120% annually! But why is dubbing such a hot phenomenon? Simply put, it helps many viewers feel like they’re in the shoes of the characters, and it reduces the cultural distance by helping them focus on listening (an activity we perform constantly) rather than reading text on a screen. A great dub can increase immersion, engagement, and keep viewers glued to the screen for longer. It also has the added effect of (in a world where our attention span ain’t what it used to be) helping people follow a show or feature even if they’re multitasking, something that’s sadly impossible with subs alone.

What does a quality dub look like?

We’ve all been there: we start watching a promising new show, only for the dub to fall flat, or seem as unnatural and stilted as in an old martial arts film that was given the cheapo treatment. While that’s great for laughs, it’s not so great for audience engagement — the top dog in viewing metrics. After all, we want people paying attention, not laughing uncontrollably at your award-winning drama. A quality dub is partially like a great translation; it conveys the original meaning while making sense in the target language. That means that, while it’s not always possible to translate everything one-to-one, the resulting dub will stay very true to the original while making sense vocally and idiomatically in the new language, a process known as localization. An enormous part of the whole process is knowing what to keep, and what to slightly alter, including phrases that may sound inoffensive in one culture, but be unacceptable in another. And then there’s the matter of acting. The good news is we’ve built a roster of incredible voice-over actors who can take any content you can throw at them and produce excellent, believable dubs with unparalleled quality. You just worry about providing us with the original audio and your guidelines and we’ll do the rest.

How to hire a dubbing expert?

We’ve made it super easy! Just head on over to our ‘dubbing’ page and contact our sales team. Make sure to include every relevant project detail you can think of, as that’ll help us provide a detailed quote that will fit your exact needs, as well as personalized rates that are just right. If you want fast turnarounds, a great team, unlimited revisions, friendly rates, full copyright ownership, and a 100% money-back guarantee, there’s no better place than Bunny Studio!

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