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Frequently asked questions

There’s nothing better than having a great piece of audiovisual or audio content that’s really blowing your viewer’s minds, is there? Only, you’ve got a bit of an issue; some parts of the audio aren’t really super clear, you’d like to have some captions up for people to preview the content on social media, or maybe you have a sensational podcast on your hands, but you’d love to have it transcribed for people with hearing disabilities or avid readers who are pressed for time, or perhaps there’s a long, important dissertation or meeting that you’d love to have down in writing for later review. Any of these things would be a big problem in its own right — and eat up a substantial amount of your time — if Bunny Studio didn’t have a fantastic team of transcribers at the ready. We’ll take any type of audiovisual or audio content and transcribe the audio into clear, legible captions that will increase accessibility, maximize engagement, and even help you rank higher on search results. You just provide your content, and we’ll make sure the final result is absolutely perfect.

What is transcription?

Transcription is a technique for the conversion of audio content into the written form. To do it, a transcription expert (a Bunny Pro, in this case) carefully listens to a piece of audio or audiovisual content, and meticulously writes down every word in script form, including timestamps. They also make sure to signal which speaker is saying the words when there is more than one person engaged in a conversation, and also whether they’re doing it from onscreen or offscreen. Transcription serves many purposes: it can be used to enhance the clarity of muddled audio, to maximize engagement by providing captions in addition to audio, it creates content that’s easier to review multiple times (great for meetings, seminars, lectures, etc.), and it allows users with hearing impairments to have access that otherwise would be gated. And that’s not all when it comes to the benefits of transcription! Search engines have a preference for content available in both audiovisual formats and in the written form. Therefore, transcriptions can give you a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) boost, making you rank higher in searches and helping you reach many more potential users in a simple, cost-effective way. So, you get to be a good person and get a benefit in the end — who says you can’t have your cake and eat it?

How to hire a transcription expert?

It’s super easy! Just head to our ‘transcription’ page and select the source language and length of the source audio. Then, just press the ‘Talk to Us’ button, and you’ll be able to leave a message for our sales team. Make sure to include all of your project details, and they’ll get back to you with a fully customized quote that’s tailored for your exact needs. If you need to collaborate with us on large-scale solutions, or you need additional services (like translation, dubbing, or voice-overs), don’t be afraid to ask! What do you get with Bunny Studio? Amazing rates, incredibly fast turnaround times, a friendly, reliable team of experts, unlimited revisions, full copyright ownership, and a rock-solid money-back guarantee.

What do we offer?

Every type of transcription service under the sun. Whether you need us to take meeting minutes, painstakingly write down every single word of a lecture, transcribe your podcast, interview, dissertation, lecture, or anything above and beyond, we’re game. We also love working on large-scale projects and offer custom services. Need us to go above and beyond and not just transcribe, but also translate your content so it’s available for a multilingual audience? Don’t be afraid to ask, because there’s nothing we can’t do!

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Our QA team assures that more than 99% of our projects are approved.

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