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Frequently asked questions

Looking for high-end translation services that offer fast turnaround times, reliable professionals who are experts at their trade, and a commitment to high-quality results? Lucky for you, Bunny Studio Pros can tackle any of your translation needs in a mind-blowing variety of languages and dialects. We offer translation services in many of the popular language choices and combinations, as well as support for huge multilingual projects. If you’re looking for a fast, well-coordinated team of professionals who can create excellent, faithful translations that stay true to the original while making sense in the target language, Bunny Studio is the informed choice.

What is translation about?

Translation is the technique (or art, to some) of taking content in one language and converting it into another. To achieve this, translators take a text in the original, or source language, and work their language magic to skillfully produce a text in the target language that is as faithful to the original as possible while reading in a natural, engaging way. Translators have to do so much more than creating pieces that hew close to the original text. Their word is not merely a one-to-one conversion — like a machine would do — but a process of structural thinking that helps content from one culture cross over into another. They don’t just take words, grab a dictionary, and get to work. They have to keep in mind complex issues like idioms, appropriateness, cultural norms, and much more. A great translator is not just a connoisseur of languages, but also of cultures. For example, one phrase such as a pun may make sense in one language, but be impossible to understand, or straight-out offensive in another. A great translator can spot these issues right away and make sure to sidestep any issues by providing an elegant fix. It’s very rare that a translation approximates the original anywhere close to 100%, but a great translator will make sure that the meaning, intent, structure, and tone of the original are perfectly intact while producing a result that’s readable and natural for the target audience. It comes as no surprise, then, that a translator has to be a great reader in the original language, and a superb writer in the target one. At Bunny Studio, we’re happy to say that our amazing team of A-list translators know the game like the back of their hand.

When are translators needed?

Translators can open your business to a global community. By making your product and business accessible worldwide, your business opportunities become endless. People are much more likely to work with someone or purchase something in a language they are familiar with, and through using our translators, you provide this. You will be amazed at what opportunities this can open for you.

How to hire a translator?

Easy peasy! If you need to get a hold of one of our many amazing translators, just head on over to our ‘translation’ page. Then, you only have to select the language combination you need — for example, English to Spanish — and click on ‘Get Started’. After, just copy the text you need to be translated into the box, including words that shouldn’t (for example, company names or international terms), a glossary if you have some technical or terms that require a bit of extra attention, and any other remarks you could think of that provide the all-important context for the translation. If you need us to sync our translation to a video, we can also provide full transcription services with timestamps. What’s in it for you once you choose us? An amazing translation team that is second to none, extremely fast turnaround times, unlimited revisions, full copyright ownership, rates that actually make sense, small and large-scale solutions, and a 100% money-back guarantee that virtually ensures total satisfaction. You’ll be glad you chose us for your project!

How to shortlist/select a translator?

When you’re shortlisting a team or choosing one of our talented translators you can make the process a bit easier by asking yourself some questions. First, think about your budget and take into account that we have a variety of price ranges. Ask yourself what experience you’d like your translation team or translator to have. Checking out reviews for our translators is a great way to see how much our clients love them and to make sure they’re a fit for you. We’re always here to help, too.

How much does it cost to hire a translator?

Here at Bunny Studio, we always keep our pricing transparent and upfront. For our translators, projects begin at .12 per word/ $12 USD per 100 words. We will help you come up with the best plan for your needs, for instance, you can group multiple texts into one project to get lower prices per word. Our goal is to make you happy. Speak to our sales team for more details and know that our price always includes quality control, satisfaction guaranteed, quick turnaround, full rights, and oh yes, peace of mind.

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Our QA team assures that more than 99% of our projects are approved.

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You own all rights to the project and its assets.

Satisfaction guarantee

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