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Frequently asked questions

Need excellent video solutions with a focus on high-quality results, fast turnaround times, and rates that actually make sense? At Bunny Studio, we can help you with the whole video production process with anything from color correction to editing while delivering striking, memorable pieces that’ll resonate with your audience. We’ve put together a fantastic team of videographers who can tackle any idea or project you can think of while producing mind-blowing results in times so fast you’ll be asking yourself why you didn’t partner up with us sooner!

What’s video all about?

Most human beings are primarily visual creatures. The old adage “A picture is worth a thousand words” still resonates strongly to this day, and with good reason; audiovisual mediums have a very high engagement rate that instantly grabs the viewer and doesn’t let go. When you have to compete with many different stimuli that tug at your audience and compete for their attention economy, creating beautiful videos that tell a story and keep the audience watching is not just a necessity, but an art that few excel at. At Bunny Studio, we excel at creating creative videos that showcase your brand or individual identity. Whether you’re looking for an arthouse project that needs our best minds fleshing out one of your concepts and turning it into an arthouse sensation, or working on an ad piece that actually generates conversions, we’ve got you covered from A to Z.

When are video services needed?

They range from capturing to editing, converting, captioning, and other post-editing services. The services enable you to improve the quality of a raw video by adding effects or removing unwanted sections. It will make your clip more engaging and entertaining to the target audience.

How to hire a video expert?

We’ve made it super simple to hire one of our amazing video pros. Just head to our ‘video’ page and click on ‘Submit a Project’. Then, select the service you need, give us your project details, a storyboard (we can also create it for you), and any references you can think of, and we’re in business! With Bunny Studio, you don’t even need to provide audio tracks, as we’ll make sure to include them if you need us to. We offer incredible turnaround times (small projects typically range from 2 to 8 hours), excellent rates, full copyright ownership, unlimited revisions, a 100% money-back guarantee, and the best team in the business, bar none. You’ll be glad you chose us!

How to shortlist/select a video expert?

Numerous video producers will express interest in your project. Choose the best or the most suited for your project. Here are qualities to look for in a video producer:

  • Experience: Video production is an art that requires a lot of experience because of the complexity of the job. Pick a producer who has successfully worked on multiple projects to guarantee quality.
  • Charges: Identify the producer whose rates are within your budgetary range. However, the cheapest is not always the best. Insist more on quality services than a low price.
  • Reviews and rating: Are other clients satisfied with the quality of work delivered? Hire a professional with a history of delivering quality work based on reviews from other clients.

How much does it cost to hire a video expert?

The cost varies based on the specific video services you need and the expertise of your target freelancer. If your video is long or requires complex graphics work, you will pay more. Hiring the most experienced video graphics expert will also cost more. You may settle for the lowest bidder but might have to compromise the quality of the work being delivered to you. Each project comes with a unique budget.

What can we do for you?

Anything and everything. We’ve got more success stories than we can count, and we’ll be glad to turn your video into one of them!

  • Need us to create a winning video from scratch? Don’t worry! We can run with any concept you can throw at us and provide a full video service that looks great while maintaining a human, creative element. You just provide the idea and we’ll make sure we create a final result that you’ll be happy to put your name on.
  • Do you need us to edit your pre-existing material into a great-looking, cohesive package? No problem! You just provide the raw files and the guidelines and we’ll make sure the final result comes out looking sleek, professional and meeting your most stringent standards.
  • Looking for 2D or 3D logo animation? We’ll make sure it’s crisp, dynamic, modern, and a joy to watch.
  • Want us to work on motion graphics? Glad you asked! Our team excels at designing beautiful kinetic pieces with a focus on simplicity and clarity.

Common mistakes when hiring a video service?

  • Failure to pick a specialist: Video production is so vast that one person cannot be a guru in everything. Choose a specialist in your area of interest to obtain a guarantee of quality services.
  • Overlooking the equipment: The quality of the resulting video will depend on the equipment used. Set a limit on the quality of equipment to be used to protect the quality of the final product.

FAQ concerning video services

What is my place as a client during video production? Because each video project is different, your input during the production and post-production phase is important. Give a c ear direction on what you want from the footages you have provided. Editors and the post production team pick a cue from you. Is there a cost/minute rule for videos? It only exists on the surface but the main determinants are the effects you want added to the video. Each post-production process has a unique price tag. Get the best video services from Bunny Studio to help you achieve the desired goals of your project. We have gathered a team of experts with all video productions skills you may want. You will enjoy a customized package for your project that guarantees value for money.

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We are committed to our client’s satisfaction and that’s why we have the best approval rate in the industry. Below you will find what we are offering, go ahead and try it yourself!

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