Clark Casey, Sprecher

Clark Casey, Sprecher

# 2RMVI5JKFriendly, conversational, knowledgeable American Male English voice over
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      Clark Casey is an American male voice talent who's vocal qualities are frequently described as friendly, textured, rugged, and youthful. Combined with his professional training, Clark adds value to his voice by drawing on a diverse array of real world experience from a completed Ph.D, 3 years university teaching, 6 years of live webcasting content, to over a decade in the military. Clark records out of a professional-personal studio in the greater Nashville, Tennessee area with CAD E100S and Sennheiser MKH416 microphones, Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 interface, and Reaper DAW. He is available for live direction via phone patch, zoom / skype / discord, and SourceConnect. When he isn't in the studio working, Clark can be found rock climbing, kayaking the beautiful rivers of Tennessee, or cuddling his loveable dog. Adventurous | comforting | believable | instructor | authoritative | gritty | enthusiastic | conversational | authentic | relaxed | calm | honest | natural | happy | real person | warm | empathetic | genuine | sincere | fun | professional | guy next door | persuasive | playful | tough | high energy | reassuring | regular joe | casual | strong | storyteller | trustworthy | energetic | engaging | sincere | narrator | spokesperson | friendly | American Male |

      Bewertungen von Clark Casey

      4.9(254 Feedback)
      Nick G. -
      "Thanks for taking the time to make it sound great."
      Bladimyro V. -
      "Thank you!"
      Dalton H. -
      "Great job all-around!"
      Sales Layer T. -
      "Excelente trabajo y muy rápido, como siempre."
      Sales Layer T. -
      "Rápido y perfecto, como siempre."

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