Chris Baetens, Sprecher

Chris Baetens, Sprecher

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4.9(263 Reviews)
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      Über Chris Baetens

      Voice actor Chris Baetens offers a North American English middle-aged and young adult male voice over. With over 400 projects completed with Bunny Studio, Chris delivers versatile voice overs. He has provided voice services for movie trailers, commercials, live announcements, audiobooks, podcasts, phone systems, and more. Chris’s clients include PepsiCo, Papa Murphy's, and Simple123, just to name a few. His native language is English with a standard Midwestern accent. He is also proficient with other accents such as British Queens English, Cockney, as well as other dialects and inflections. The talented voice actor can also deliver voice projects in Australian and Spanish accents. Want to know more about Chris? Check out his voice over samples and see how Chris can help bring your project to life!

      Bewertungen von Chris Baetens

      4.9(263 Reviews)
      Lisa Del G. -
      "Chris is the best!!!!"
      Mary Margaret D. -
      "Another great job!!"
      Dustin G. -
      "Solid work as always. A special thanks to Chris for providing a handful of options for the intro line of the script after I requested a revision. Great work!"
      Mary Margaret D. -
      "Super Fast & Excellent Work"
      Ciara M. -
      "Sounds PERFECT! Thank you so much for the quick turnaround!"

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