Katie Gaskin, Sprecher

Katie Gaskin, Sprecher

# 91KMIA8 Upbeat, cheerful, positive, professional, friendly and kind!
4.9(4356 Feedback)
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        Golden Bunny Pro

        Ranked in the top 2% in overall performance

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        Kicks off the projects faster than 75% of the creators

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        Bunny Pro for 8 Jahre

        Has fulfilled 11354 projects since 2015

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      Über Katie Gaskin

      Voice actor Katie Gaskin offers an English middle-aged and young adult female voice over with a Canadian or North American accent. Katie has provided voice services for commercials, characters in video games, presentations, movie trailers, and much more. Her clients include individuals, start-ups, family-owned small businesses, and big-name companies such as Best Western, Home Depot, Spotify, Walmart, Dove, and Microsoft, to name a few. With over 10,000 projects (Yep! 10k!) completed on Bunny Studio, she brings a cheerful, optimistic, friendly, and professional voice over. Want to know more about Katie? Check out her voice over samples and see how Katie can help you bring your project to life!.

      Bewertungen von Katie Gaskin

      4.9(4356 Feedback)
      Chance N. -
      "Professional. Fast. Perfect!"
      Josh R. -
      "Great work and fast turnaround"
      F8 C. -
      "Thank you so much!!! :)"
      Chance N. -
      "Another perfect voiceover by Katie and the Bunny Pro Team! Thank you"
      Amanda D. -
      "Excellent work and super quick turnaround times!"

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