Kieron Atkinson, Sprecher

Kieron Atkinson, Sprecher

# 8A43GKGVersatile and reliable enthusiasm.
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      • 7 years creating

        7 years creating

        A seasoned Bunny Pro with 277 fulfilled projects

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      30 years experience in radio full-time and part-time in major Australian markets, I now supply voiceovers to a number of agencies and radio networks in Australia from Queensland to Tasmania on a daily basis and have been doing so for the past 15 years. All of these businesses require fast turnaround and attention to detail. One of my regular clients has been Blockbuster Video, voicing a monthly 30 minute read for their internal marketing. Another regular client for 2 years was national brand Joyce Mayne. While I now live in New Zealand, the majority of my work is in Australia via the internet and I am known for my reliability and fast turnaround.

      Bewertungen von Kieron Atkinson

      4.8(64 Reviews)
      Daniel -
      "great work - he got it right the first time!"
      Michael M. -
      "This is great Kieron - will work really well in the course. Thanks very much :)"
      Alison W. -
      "The voice was good - what I needed. But what a process - it took a day of going backwards and forwards to get to this point because my original pick wasn't able to complete the job. My experience getting voicework done? When things go well, they go very very well. But when things go badly, it's very very bad. Glad we got there in the end. It's going to be a late night for me."
      Myriniel F. -
      "The voice pro provided an excellent quality voice over for our project. The voice pro followed instructions correctly and efficiently."
      Alex P. -
      "Exceptional turnaround time. Amazing! Will be using you guys more often!"

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