Wes Malik, Sprecher

Wes Malik, Sprecher

# SSVMVUCProfessionally Engaging, Energetic, Expressive Delivery, and Expert in Many Languages
4.9(195 Reviews)
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      My top notch Studio in Toronto also ensures the best quality recording possible with top of the line Sennheiser and Neumann Microphones and Spanish Built and designed StudioBricks One vocal booth. Conversational in French, Urdu, Hindi, and Punjabi, and have portrayed many characters with German, Arabic, South African, Indian and many more accents. Clients can patch in to the studio with Source Connect, WhatsApp, FaceTime and Skype to direct their own session to ensure perfection. With many audiobooks on Audible, much of my work is now on digital platforms, commercials, product demos, training programs, podcasts, and telephone systems.

      Bewertungen von Wes Malik

      4.9(195 Reviews)
      Vishal M. -
      "Amazing voice."
      Agnishekhar C. -
      "All revisions were efficiently managed and delivered. Instructions were followed to the dot, while the artist imparted their own expertise wherever required. All of this was done within a highly satisfactory TAT."
      João F. -
      "We really liked it, thanks! However, we suggest that in the next recordings you try to be a little more natural, avoiding that some parts sound like you are reading a text. Examples below: -00:25" - "With Real Location Spoofing .... our Stealth.." -00:35" -"Preventing you .... from being .." -00:56" - "And...if you phone.." We don't want any corrections to the current version, because these are small details and overall it's great, we'll make these adjustments in Sound Design, but we think constructive feedback is always useful. Thanks and have a great weekend!"
      Shawn S. -
      "A+ Work, thanks guys!"
      Amber D. -
      "Wes always delivers high-quality work."

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