Paul Watt, Sprecher

Paul Watt, Sprecher

# 2OS9D6M4Conscientious, professional and caring.
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      I have been working as a Voice Actor for over 3 years now. I have provided voiceover for ITV Signpost, a VR exhibit in a North East England museum, McAfee, Honda Research Institute, WHO, Coca Cola and many others. I have successfully worked on sales videos, voice messaging, audiobooks, video presentations/explainers and several computer games. I am particularly talented at various accents and characters. I was a finalist in the Voiceover Competition 2020.

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      4.9(51 Feedback)
      Olivia -
      "Very clear thank you!"
      Roberto F. -
      "Great, rapid, effective!"
      Imad D. -
      "Thanks for your professional work !"
      Imad D. -
      "Thanks for your professional work !"
      Hi H. -
      "Great work! Thank you very much!"