Samantha Buckley, Sprecher

Samantha Buckley, Sprecher

# 2RTDR6T8Hi! I'm Samantha Buckley. I am an actress who specializes in young adult/teenager roles. I have an engaging and mellow voice, though I can easily crank up the dramatics with my acting background.
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      As a recent college graduate with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Musical Theatre, Samantha Buckley is ready to use her new training to work with new clients and give them the product they're looking for. Samantha has been vocally trained to deliver a variety of performances and adapt to the client's needs. With a background in both the radio and theatre industries, she has been using her voice to capture audiences for years. Samantha is excited to work with a variety of companies, big or small, and can't wait to see what she can do for you!

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      5(5 Feedback)
      Victor V. -
      "Thanks for your work! First, I decided to voice over my video by myself, but it was a really bad idea and took too much time with with an ugly result. Sad that I haven't found your earlier.."
      Wojciech S. -
      Alex P. -
      Paul M. -
      Adam K. -

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