Shawn McElroy, Sprecher

Shawn McElroy, Sprecher

# 12AF3NU4Natural, conversational, expressive, deep Amer male voice
4.8(167 Reviews)
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      Über Shawn McElroy

      I am an explorer of life, instructor of martial skills, father, husband and story teller. My deep voice is punctuated with low gravely tones as well as an expressive and energetic mid range. My strong points are conversational, instructional, announcer and unique character voices. With a background steeped in acting, live performances, teaching large classes of adults and children as well as MC'ing multiple yearly events, I have used my voice to entertain for the last 3 decades.

      Bewertungen von Shawn McElroy

      4.8(167 Reviews)
      Ricky O. -
      "Great quality and followed instructions well!"
      Sam -
      "Great work! Voiceover actor was very professional and needed zero revisions."
      Sarah B. -
      "Thank you so much for the quick turnaround and excellent work. We loved that this voice actor gave us two different takes on each line. That was perfect!"
      Jeremy G. -
      Jeremy G. -
      "great job!"

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