Tomás Frazer, Sprecher

Tomás Frazer, Sprecher

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      Hi! My name is Tomas, I'm a professional, native Portuguese voice actor and sound engineer with my own PRO studio equipped for great recording quality. I have been a voice actor for feature films, wellness apps, and e learning platforms. From smooth to serious, from angry to relaxed, from sophisticated to high-intensity dramatic, my vocal range will give life to your project! As voice over is often a time-sensitive step of a production, I realise time and attention to detail are paramount when delivering this product. For this reason I deliver recordings with High-Quality, Low Noise, free from mouth/breath noises and FAST! Gear: Fully treated whisper booth, premium U87 diy clone, Arturia preamp, top of the line intel workstation, Reaper and Live 11

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