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4. Satisfaction guarantee

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Frequently asked questions

What is BIM 3D Modeling?

BIM 3D modeling designers create building information models (BIM) in three dimensions. Building information models are digital creations which show the different characteristics and functions of buildings and structures. Such a design process is supported by a wide array of tools and technologies. The use of BIM 3D models can bring certain benefits including: easier engineering calculations, more attention to detail, exploration of possible scenarios, cost estimations, supervision of progress, increased accountability, gathering of data, and much more.

When is BIM 3D Modeling used?

BIM 3D modeling designers are used when there’s a need to plan, design and build structures. They’re also used to maintain and streamline a wide variety of processes in physical structures and networks. BIM 3D modeling can be an extremely useful tool: a virtual model can provide a low cost possibility to plan and control a building or structure. Such digital representation can give a full account of all the physical and functional characteristics of such a building or structure. This knowledge can be systematized and represented in 3D, and therefore easily shared and supervised. Such BIM modeling can therefore be a tremendous ally in decision making for the creation, maintenance, oversight and even demolition of a building, physical network or structure.

How to hire BIM 3D modeling designers?

Hiring BIM 3D modeling designers at Bunny Studio is very simple. The easiest way is to click on "Submit a Project" and fill out the brief form with your email, name, and project details. A Bunny sales representative will answer immediately and the process can begin.

How to shortlist BIM 3D modeling designers?

Considering your project details, our Bunny agents will filter among our professional BIM 3D modeling designers. The most important question when selecting a pro is asking if the BIM 3D modeling designer is experienced in the creation of 3D models specifically. Another important consideration is figuring out what experience the candidate has and, crucially, which aspect of BIM they’re most comfortable with. A BIM designer may very well be an expert with architecture BIM whilst another one may have a lot of experience and know-how in the creation of BIM for mechanical, electrical & plumbing maintenance.

How much does it cost to hire BIM 3D modeling designers?

Cost will usually vary depending on the type of project being created. It’s best to talk about pricing with the Bunny Studio sales team at the beginning of the project.

Common mistakes when hiring BIM 3D modeling designers

The most common mistake when hiring BIM 3D modeling designers is acquiring a designer who is not experienced in 3D modeling. It’s also important to note that there is a wide array of software to create these designs. It’s useful to talk to the designer about which software they use and see if this is an ideal fit for the client.

Trust us with your projects!

We are committed to our client’s satisfaction, that’s why we have the best approval rates in the industry, don’t worry, we have you covered. Below you will find what we offer, go ahead and try it yourself!

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Peace of mind

Submit your project and our all-star team will make it happen.

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Fast turnaround time

85% of our projects are delivered between 12 to 24 hours after being uploaded.

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Unlimited revisions

Get as many revisions as you need to accomplish your goal.


Approval rate

Our QA team assures that more than 99% of our projects are approved.

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Full ownership of usage rights

You own all rights to the project and its assets.

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Satisfaction guarantee

If you're not happy with the result, you get your money back.

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