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    Business cards are not as obsolete as they seem. They are still useful to build brand awareness and make your contact information more accessible. In other words, they help people remember your business and contact it whenever they need your products or services. If you have it all at the reach of your hand, it is easier to make the decision, isn’t it? Everybody is so focused on online advertising that they seem to have forgotten the most traditional advertising media that still work, such as business cards. Now, it is true that in order to make your business recognizable, you need your card to be somewhat different. Memorable, you know. A vertical business card design is so atypical that it automatically stands out. This is especially important if you want to represent your outside-the-box thinking, which people can easily relate to a new way of making business, a new kind of service, or the introduction of a product that they have never seen in the past. Remember that a business card is not just a piece of paper with information but also a marketing tool. But perhaps you just want a vertical business card design because it looks good, and that is a valid reason to have it, too. A business card must be eye-catching, no matter what! In any case, Bunny Studio can help you grab your potential customers’ attention with a unique vertical business card design. We have the world’s top 4% graphic designers with vast experience in unconventional designs such as vertical business card designs. Our platform welcomed them when they passed our strict speed tests and skills tests, which means that they can deliver top-quality work even within the tightest deadlines. Are you ready to start your journey with Bunny Studio? Just submit your project’s form and we will find the best match for you.