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Frequently asked questions

What is print design?

If you want to stand out from your competition, you have to take print design seriously. Print is a tangible collateral that can be held by your potential and current customers, and if they’re pleased with its quality, they will develop brand trust. If you want to hire a print designer, keep on reading.

When are print designers needed?

How Can a Print Designer Help You Print is a major factor of your visual identity. Aside from your website, your print materials represent your business. Here are some of the ways a print designer can help you. Make you stand out. Digital marketing is now common, but you can still use print design to your advantage. Having an amazing print design in addition to your web marketing will enable you to stand out. Print is tangible. You can’t deny the fact that a lot of people still appreciate print since it will give them something solid to hold onto. Not everyone uses the internet. It may seem impossible to you, but all your consumers are not tech-savvy. There are target audiences that prefer print compared to web content. Having a print designer will ensure these people feel nurtured and catered to. Solidify your brand. You need more than one way to market your brand to intensify brand recognition and trust. The more your company is seen through print, the more recognizable it will be.

How to hire the best print designers?

How to Write a Job Title Here are some tips you need to keep in mind when writing a job post Write an accurate title. Your job title will be your post’s headline. It’s important to make it accurate. Do not try to put words such as “rockstar” and “ninja.” These are very gimmicky and would turn off some applicants. Not only that, it will also make it hard for you to reach your audience. Provide the basics. In the first part of your job post, describe the print designer role briefly. This is an awesome place to say something about why your company is a good organization to be part of. However, don’t go too deep into the job responsibilities. Reserve that for the next section. List requirements. At this point, you need to put more details about what the role entails, as well as what the minimum requirements to do the job. Details such as education, work experience, and certifications should be listed here.

You can count on us!

We are committed to your satisfaction that’s why we have the best approval rates in the industry, we have you covered. Below you will find what we are offering, go ahead and try it yourself!

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Peace of mind

Submit your project and our all-star team will make it happen.

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Fast turnaround time

85% of our projects are delivered between 12 to 24 hours after being uploaded.

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Unlimited revisions

Get as many revisions as you need to accomplish your goal.


Approval rate

Our QA team assures that more than 99% of our projects are approved.

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Full ownership of usage rights

You own all rights to the project and its assets.

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Satisfaction guarantee

If you're not happy with the result, you get your money back.

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