Juan Galvis, diseñador

Juan Galvis, diseñador

# CJ569C0Independent art director, illustrator and lettering artist.
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I have been involved in the visual communication industry for almost 15 years. Which I’ve had successfully designed, created, and supported products, brands and individuals around the world with my creative vision. During my experience as part of many teams. I’ve been in all the different positions from collaborator to leader. Giving me the opportunity to see the whole spectrum. Improving my human skills and methodology in the process. I am a fast learner and think learning is an everyday thing. I consider myself as a non-style illustrator. I like to try new and different things everyday. Also I love branding and lettering a lot. Last but not least, probably the most important of this weird formal list: I want to do somenthing with my life other than just surviving. To make change in the world is not an easy task that’s why I struggle everyday to find somenthing with a social purpose to work on. I’ve worked on most of the aspects that are part of this industry. I’ ve gone from print production assistant, to creative, to freelancer, to leader of a team of 18 creatives, to building my own technology company and going back to freelancer again. I feel more than capable to make a great impact on the growing-fast process of maintenance and evolution of your brand and design system.

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