CLARA LIPKAU CABAU, productor de video

CLARA LIPKAU CABAU, productor de video

# 2VHDCQBGI work both in the design/storyboarding and animation phases. I love conceptualizing a script and finding the best ways to portray and deliver a message through animation. I also enjoy character rigging and animation, and keeping projects organized so the workflow is always quick and easy.
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      I'm a freelance 2D animator and illustrator based in Barcelona, Spain. I started my journey once I graduated from Graphic Design (IDEP) and Digital Arts (Upf). Since then, I've been working as a Motion Designer and 2D Animator in different agencies and production companies. Three years ago I decided to start freelancing, and I've developed a special interest in character animation and illustration. I find myself currently learning the pains and pleasures of the traditional animation.

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