Franco Agustín Pérez Ortiz, productor de video

Franco Agustín Pérez Ortiz, productor de video

# 31DGGU6OVideo editor, specialized in cinematic videos and sound design. I adapt to any kind of video. My main goal is to transmit emotions and make your project grow.
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      I have been a video editor for about 5 years. I live in Argentina, for me creating and helping people to grow their businesses with my videos is very rewarding. I am capable of making any kind of video. I have worked with people from all over the world, getting excellent reviews. For me, the most important things when I edit are the color, the quality of the clips, the sound effects, and good music to accompany the video. My main goal is to convey to people the message you want to give with your project, to excite, to impact, to raise awareness, and to make your ideas known to the world with powerful videos. ( the service I provide is in English and Spanish). After having completed more than 100 projects on another platform, I believe that the skills that best define me are: Communication with my clients, I'm very open and I try to listen to everything they need and I adapt to their needs. And the speed to deliver projects. I am very committed to each client, and the most important thing for me is that they love it.

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