Dafydd Morse, locutor

Dafydd Morse, locutor

# 12B7RRU0Local Welsh boy with a husky voice. I do Welsh VO too.
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      Hi there, I'm Dafydd. You may have guessed I'm Welsh. Having fallen in love with radio acting whilst performing the lead on a radio soap at university, I am now a voice actor. Since becoming a voice talent, I have worked mainly on educational videos in English and Welsh following my background in teaching. I work from my professionally treated home studio using my NT2-a mic and my macbook. If you would like some voice over work, get in touch! Os 'dych chi ishe rhywbeth yn y Gymraeg, rhowch floedd!

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      4.8(8 reseñas)
      Vincent B. -
      "Dafydd delivered the audio very quickly and followed the instructions perfectly. I was very happy with this project."
      Byron V. -
      "Great turnaround, and receptive to direction. Would recocommend."
      Blaz G. -
      "Very fast! :)"
      Fayaz T. -
      "Great voiceover and service."
      Gemma Binch undefined. -

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