Michel ROUSSEAU, locutor

Michel ROUSSEAU, locutor

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      • Bunny Pro for 10 años

        Bunny Pro for 10 años

        Has fulfilled 73 projects since 2013

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      12 years of experience and more than 1500 clients from all over the world ! I also awarded the Savoa accreditation in 2012 among the best 200 voices around the globe. Equipment : Neumann U87 microphone + cabin.

      Reseñas de Michel ROUSSEAU

      4.8(26 reseñas)
      Content T. -
      "Thank you! Always great to work with Cerise."
      Content T. -
      "Great work from this talent once again, both as a narrator and as different characters !"
      Content T. -
      "It's a pleasure to work with this actor - he's very talented and always follows our guidelines very well."
      Content T. -
      "We are very satisfied with the work of this Bunny Pro, who did a great job and was also able to provide us with the child voice we needed for this project."
      Jean-Marc H. -
      "Génial ! Craquant. Et quelle réactivité ! On reviendra vite ;-)"

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