Sumaira Tennent, locutor

Sumaira Tennent, locutor

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      Voice Talent 24/7 with warm and deep voice for narrations, and E-learnings ,sexy and fun for commercials, smooth and professional for presentations, singer (popular and opera), composer . Speaking Brazilian Portuguese (native) as first language and English with a LATIN accent as a second language. An alto versatile Voice that can be deep and powerful for trailers and promos; young, hip, fun, and warm for commercials; clear and authoritative for corporate industrials; real and friendly for training videos.Few jobs that I work for GOOGLE BOOK SETTLEMENT (USA) -SALESFORCE CRM (USA) -HKS (PORTUGAL) -MICROSOFT -VISUAL STUDIO 2010 (USA) -FEDEX (SPAIN) -IBM (BELGIUM) -ABBOTT (USA) -AMEX Survey (USA) -ARKADIN (USA) -GOOGLE MAPS GPS -HOTMAIL (HOW TO UNBLOCK YOUR E-MAIL) (USA) -AUTOCAD (E-LEARNING) 2011/2012 (USA) 265.000 word) (USA) -REVIT ARCHITECTURE (E-LEARNING) 2012/2013 (USA) -CANON, INC (USA) -NIKE PRIME PLACE (USA) -KENNEDY SPACE CENTER VOICE GUIDE (USA) -INC -IVRS (USA) -TAM -IVRS (EUROPE -AMAZON (USA) -BOSH (INDIA) -HOW IPAD WORKS (USA) -FACEBOOK -TIME WARNER

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