Wayne LeGette, locutor

Wayne LeGette, locutor

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      Wayne has a broadcast ready Home Studio (from LA Vocal Booths) outfitted with a Neumann TLM 103 mic, Apollo interface, running ProTools on a screaming Mac M1 Max computer. Wayne's voice has been described as “Articulately Conversational”. He has been involved in VO for about 20 years. In two short years, he’s narrated over 25 audiobooks, most notably "Build a Better Organization" by retired Cintas CEO Robert Kohlhepp, and "Active Biological Evolution" by world-renowned scientist Dr. Frank H Laukien. In addition to commercials, he has voiced / dubbed literally thousands of Telenovelas, foreign films and animated series, including The Ark which was featured at the Cannes Film Festival. His voice work can be heard internationally on Netflix, Hulu, Paramount Plus and virtually every streaming platform. Since 2005 he has recorded for The Kitchen and Universal Cinergia, along with many other dubbing studios. Thirty-five year veteran award winning actor. https://capitalgproductionsllc.com

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      4.8(29 reseñas)
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