Conversational and humanized resources for AI voice assistant producers  at Bunny Studio

Our Bunny pros and us can bring your AI voice assistance to life with unique voices, Immersive sound design, 3D audio and professional localization.

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Why Bunny Studio?

End-to-end human support
12 hours turnaround
Unlimited revisions
Full ownership rights
Money-back guarantee

Companies that trust us

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languages and 200+ accents available

USD $60

Starting price for 30 seconds voice overs


of our projects delivered in less than 12 hours

Localize AI with humanized, scalable solutions.

Voice overs
Translation & localization
Video ads

Voice overs that will make your AI assistants sound familiar

Find a perfect voice for your AI.

  • Large pool of pre vetted freelancers in every language

  • Powerful and user-friendly search functionality

  • USD $60 - Starting price for 30 seconds voice overs

Translate and localize your AI personal assistant

Our translators can adapt your content to every possible user around the world.

  • Affordable and scalable translation services

  • Say goodbye to robotic voices

  • USD $ 0.11 per translated word

Reach the world with our video ads

Fuel your marketing content with our video production expertise.

  • Video editing, motion graphics, and animation

  • Fully produced video ads

  • USD $985 - Starting price for 1 minute motion graphics

Written content for animation producers

Our pool of experienced copywriters are geared to create promotional content that sells.

  • Scripts, blog posts, newsletters -you name it!

  • Translation to 50+ languages

  • USD $33 - Starting price for 300 words written content

Ask our team about large scale solutions

We can help you take your AI to users in every corner of the world. Talk to our sales team and globalize your reach!

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How it works

step 1
Send us your project details

step 2
A selected Bunny pro crafts your project

step 3
We make sure that you receive your project on time and at the best quality

Send us your project details
A selected Bunny pro crafts your project
We make sure that you receive your project on time and at the best quality

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