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At Bunny Studio, you can hire the perfect talents to narrate and fully produce your audiobook. Browse audiobook samples and hire a freelance audiobook narrator that tells your story like no other

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Tailor-made solutions for audiobook creators

Browse audiobook voice overs

Give your unique characters their voice.

  • Access our huge pool of audiobook voice acting experts
  • Easy search functionality

An audiobook narrator for every reader

Build a custom experience for every audience.

  • Expert translation and localization services
  • Proofreading you can depend on

End-to-end audiobook production

From post production to audio ads, we've got you covered.

  • All-in-one solutions for every aspect of your product
  • We're your complete audio producer

Speed up your whole process

Scale your content production with the fastest turnaround times on the Internet.

  • 85% of our projects are delivered within 12 hrs
  • 44% of our projects are delivered within 2 hrs

Get even more from Bunny Studio

Get the freedom to focus on what you do best

Peace of mind
24 hours turnaround
Unlimited revisions


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Full ownership rights
Satisfaction guarantee
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