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Why Bunny Studio?

End-to-end human support
12 hours turnaround
Unlimited revisions
Full ownership rights
Money-back guarantee

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18 hours

18 hours - Average turnaround time for 15 seconds animations

USD $985

Starting price for one minute motion graphics


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Scale on-demand video production affordably.

Video editing
Voice overs
Motion graphics
Translation & localization

Find your freelance video editor

Lighten your workload with our experienced voice editors.

  • Affordable and speedy editing of your footage

  • Save money and time

  • USD $131 - Starting price for 1 minute video editing

Get epic voice overs for videos

The perfect voice delivery in no time, every time.

  • Our voice actors can do characters, narration, instructional content, and more

  • Easy search feature for our 28.000+ samples

  • USD $60 - Starting price for 30 seconds voice overs

Supercharge your video with our motion graphic designers

We create motion graphic that are sure to catch your audience's attention.

  • Capacity to deliver high volume, no matter your project size

  • Never miss a deadline again!

  • USD $985 - Starting price for one minute motion graphics

Dub your video to reach a wider audience

Our dubbing team meticulously manages the entire process of your project.

  • From the character's voice to the final render

  • The fastest turnarounds on the Internet

Reach more viewers with translation and content localization

We engage your viewers with accurate native translation and localization services.

  • More than 50 languages

  • More than 200 accents

  • USD $ 0.11 per translated word

Ask our team about white label solutions for video producers

Video production is a lengthy and tedious process. Let Bunny Studio take the weight off you. We work behind the scenes to deliver original content quickly.

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How it works

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Send us your project details

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A selected Bunny Pro crafts your project

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We make sure that you receive your project on time and at the best quality

Send us your project details
A selected Bunny Pro crafts your project
We make sure that you receive your project on time and at the best quality

What our clients are saying about us

Steven Yates
Steven Yates
Co-fondateur / COO at Momentumm Digital

We’ve used Bunny Studio’s voice over services since the very beginning and will continue using them as we scale our business. Though we’ve tried other platforms like Fiverr, we prefer Bunny Studio because of its ease of use and no hidden fees. Its massive voice artist database and efficient support team are vital in accelerating our production process.

Lightswitch Video uses Bunny Studio voice overs for 142 projects

Learn how Lightswitch Video used Bunny Studio's voice over services to exceed client expectations with its top-notch video outcomes.

Lightswitch Video uses Bunny Studio voice overs for 142 projects

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