Haru Yosano, speaker

Haru Yosano, speaker

# 2VO93MCCCute and tomboyish voice Japanese VA! Character voiceover for game, anime and dubbing work.
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      Haru provides the perfect voice to help you make your clients smile! I have done many character voices for games and anime, as well as narration for pop commercials. My specialty is the voices of cheerful boys, tomboys, and cute girls like those in typical girls' manga. My voice is especially suitable for Video games, Animation, live-action Movies, and Dramas. Amazon Japan(CM) Linkedin Japan(VO) Nintendo Games(CV) Bennese corporation(CV,Narration) and more I've been familiar with Japanese anime and pop culture since I was a child, so I'm sure I can help create these games and anime. I would like to work as a voice actor for games and anime in Japan but also overseas. Please feel free to message me for a voice demo and your upcoming voice-over project and something voice job request. Let's work together to make something great! Thank you, Haru

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      4.8(5 recensioni)
      Eve C. -
      "It's hard give direction for the artist, need to be patient But the result is amazing! ^^"
      Aaron J. -
      "Second time we asked this voice artist to work with us and she did a great job again! Highly recommend."
      Shaun H. -
      Shaun H. -
      Joseph B. -

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