Andreas Rylander, speaker

Andreas Rylander, speaker

# 3ER12NTCExtensive experience in acting, mostly in films and video games.
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      Andreas Rylander was born in Kalmar, a small harbour town in the southeast Sweden.Growing up, he quickly got involved in musical and theatrical endeavours and then gradually worked his way into the movie business alongside singing and touring nationwide with various metal bands. The music career was moving in a slow pace, and Andreas decided to primarily devote his efforts on his lifelong dream working as an actor. Andreas mostly works with acting in movies, series, short films, video games and such. Andreas also has a bachelors degree in media and communication science, and has worked with producing various information and commercial video productions, as well as some short documentaries. Outside of show business, he has also worked within the pharmaceutical field, in the hotel business and as a personal assistant.

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