Bobo, speaker

Bobo, speaker

# 13BVCS3KCommercial voice-over artist for uplifting products and diy narration
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        Bunny Pro da 3 anni

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      I am an English speaking African American male, my voice is deep, reassuring, authoritative, soothing, persuasive, calming, strong, caring, charismatic, warm, down to earth, soulful, cool, casual, relaxed, trustworthy, reliable, experienced, knowledgeable. Everyone's favorite uncle. I specialize in empathy the ability to sense other people's emotions, coupled with the ability to imagine what someone else might be thinking or feeling My voice and delivery is well suited for, products that bring enjoyment to the consumer, cars, food, jewelry, health care, etc. and advertisement that motivate you to take action. I would happily send you a sample of my voice reading your script. Also feel free to message me to see if I'm a good fit for your project.

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      5(26 recensioni)
      Melinda T. -
      "high quality, very quick turnarounds!"
      El Jefe P. -
      "A pesar de que el primer locutor nunca entregó el trabajo, este lo pudo hacer bien! Sin embargo tengo una duda. Al aprobar el trabajo y descargarlo, lo tengo que presentar a la agencia y a cliente quienes dan la aprobación final. En dado caso que se necesite ajustar algo después de esta aprobación se podrá hacer?"
      andy c. -
      "Great job as always!!"
      Graphiti A. -
      "Thank you very much for working with us to get this just right! Lovely work."
      Lisa -
      "Quick (weekend!) turn-around. Thanks! Sounds great."

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