Dona Jackson, speaker

Dona Jackson, speaker

# 3A23FKH4Hardworking voice actor who enjoys working cooperatively to create a product that is of high quality, engaging, and accurate.
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      My name is Dona Jackson, and I am a retired Montessori Elementary school teacher who moved from Southern California to Maine in 2019. I have 7 years of experience as a Freelance artist and audiobook narration with ACX, e-audio productions, Upwork, Voices 123, Audionarrators, and DM Studios. I have worked with authors and production companies in recording and producing quality audiobooks that include children's stories, meditation, e-learning, cookbooks, informative texts, datasets, and novels. I work with Reaper software and record in my sound treated home studio. I utilize a punch and roll editing technique which makes my recording and editing much more efficient, and thus a bit faster to deliver projects quickly using common industry standards unless asked to do otherwise. I appreciate working cooperatively with authors to create a product that is of high quality, engaging, and accurate. I welcome feedback and appreciate the relationships that have developed with a number of authors, and believe this is one reason I have been asked by several authors to record book bundles and/or new books they have written.

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      4.6(3 recensioni)
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      "It's a little robotic, but we decided it's not bad for this project. Generally, though, we'd like a little more conversational."

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