Jacob Sullivan, speaker

Jacob Sullivan, speaker

# 2NAOIPEGI'm an energetic, passionate voice that is serious and fun!
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      Introduction: Hello! it's a pleasure to meet you! My name is Jacob Daniel Sullivan, although most call me Sully. I have always loved voice acting as I was influenced so heavily by voice actors from the cartoons and video games that I played as a kid to the audio-books I listen to now! It's my goal to use words to help influence others, as they influenced me! Experience: I have loved working through Bunny Studio for the better part of the past year! I also have worked in numerous fan and personal projects on the internet. I'm looking to continue expanding my experience in the realm of voice over and acting! Training: I have received formal training in college acting classes, both for voice over and stage performances. Location: I currently reside in the Colorado area. I have my own personal recording studio at my home and can work from it comfortably. I look forward to working with you!

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      5(3 recensioni)
      Kathleen A. -
      "This voice work is perfect. The character has come to life. Thank you!"
      Arthur Dos S. -
      Arthur Dos S. -