Diem Quynh, speaker

Diem Quynh, speaker

# 2JU66R5OProfessional, cooperative and punctual.
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      Hi! My name is Quynh, I am trilingual. I can speak fluently in English, Russian+Vietnamese are on a native level. I have 6 years of experience in doing voice-overs/voice related projects. 5 years in a newscast team for National TV channel (VTV4), and currently I am working with a big digital company called TheSoul Publishing that owes popular YouTube channels such as 5-minute Crafts, Bright Side, Actually Happened and etc. I am familiar with the workflow, and I can manage a big scope of work. I respect the requirements and deliver my work in a timely manner. I do not make promises that I can't keep, so you can be sure that I am very serious about my job!

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