Santanu Ray, speaker

Santanu Ray, speaker

# 2TJ4VVDCI add color to your script with expressions & emotions with excellent audio quality
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      Yes, I would like to boost your brand's visibility. To get your message noticed, you must focus on what helps the message grab on and get noticed. I am Santanu Ray a multi- lingual voice actor from India & I have been able to boost both the worth of companies as well as their brand recognition over the past six years by providing customized expert voice over services to them. For me, the combination of art and storytelling inspires me to approach the craft with dedication & achieve perfection. I'm a voice actor with long experience in voice-over work which can give you numerous advantages to your projects especially in Bengali & Hindi. With Shure MV7 microphone and a home studio setup will allow me to record high-quality mp3s along with my best performances. As I'm an Indian voice-over artist with a native Indian accent and the right emotions to convey your message in Hindi. - All the contemporary conveniences of a professional studio are at my fingertips. I can provide your information in Hindi as an experienced Indian voice-over artist with a genuine Indian accent and appropriate emotions. - The charges of my voice-over work include everything from recording to editing to mastering, all under one roof. Following is a breakdown of what you may expect if you hire me: - A superhero voice that can transport you right into the character's skin is in high demand. - An engrossing narrator who makes you feel something. - All-in-one voice over recording, editing, and mastering services are available. - To ensure professional sound quality, all of the audio files have been ACX-passed. Relatively fast turnaround times. Send me your script, and I'll deliver a professionally mixed and mastered audio file within the timeframe you specify. While working in the entertainment industry for years has given me a strong belief in my abilities as a professional voice actor, I'm confident that I can bring value to your projects with a distinctive and compelling sound.

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